Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Importance of Eating Together as a Family

Whether your kids are young, and still living at home, or they are long gone, and it’s just you and your partner, no matter how big your household is, it’s so important that you all try to eat together as often as you can. Even if your kids have left home, it’s always good to invite everyone around for a meal, and there’s nothing better than all sitting down around the table together. 

Of course, it’s not always easy. Learning how to make your own meatloaf just like Paula Deen and other great recipes will give you brilliant family-friendly meals to tempt everyone. But, that’s only half of the problem. You might find that even when you’ve created gorgeous meals that everyone enjoys, you all have busy schedules and it’s hard to sit down together. You might even find that when you do sit down at the same time, you have the TV on, you are all looking at your phones and other devices, and there’s not much conversation. 

Many families find that reinstating family mealtimes, and even leaving mobile phones in a tub in a different room while they eat has many various benefits. Here is a look at some of them. 

You’ll Talk

So many families live in the same house but barely speak to each other for more than a few minutes at a time. We’re all busy. Your kids might spend a lot of time playing on computers or out with friends. You might work late, or bring work home, and it can be hard to spend time together, let alone have proper conversations. Even when you are together, you might all be distracted by different things. 

Families that sit and eat together without distractions are more likely to talk. They share worries and anxieties; they talk about school and work and discuss their relationships. They really know each other. They are less likely to argue and more likely to maintain healthy and positive relationships throughout life. 

Your Family Will Build Healthy Relationships with Food

So many young people today struggle with eating disorders. Others binge eat. Some only enjoy unhealthy foods and struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Part of this is because they have formed unhealthy habits and views on food. They eat in a rush, they don’t sit down to enjoy food, and they don’t see their parents eat. 

Families that sit down together are more likely to build and maintain positive relationships with food. Eating with your children gives you a chance to become their eating role model. 

Your Kids are More Likely to Cook

Kids that come from families that eat together are more likely to take an interest in food and eat a more varied diet. They’ll be more likely to cook and eat with their own children when they are older. 

Increased Self-Esteem

All that talking that you do over the dinner table can lead to massively increased self-esteem. You’ll talk about problems and worries, you’ll find solutions, and you’ll have a chance to lift each other up when you need it. 

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