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Growth in the Popularity of Mobile Slot Games

In this article, we'll be talking about the growth of popularity of mobile slot games in the gambling industry. Reports this year have stated that up to 61% of online gambling slot use comes from those placing bets from a mobile phone and some of those enjoyed playing at Cozino. You may think this is a high number, but when up to 5.5 billion of the world's population are mobile phone users, this percentage will come as no surprise.

What makes mobile gambling on slots so popular?

1) Smartphone Era

Practically everyone owns a smartphone these days, and most people use them from morning to night, taking them with them where ever they go. In a nutshell, smartphones are super comfortable and convenient to use these days; these phones are no longer seen as a piece of fancy technology, as everyone has one. In a survey conducted in the US concerning mobile gambling use, they found convenience was the number one reason players sited for using their mobile to play slots. This is because smartphones can be taken pretty much everywhere by a player, allowing users to gamble where ever they are and whatever time in the day.

2) Increase in technology

From as early as a decade ago, mobile phones and tablets started to become more and more powerful, until now they are as powerful as many computers and laptops. This increase in handheld technology meant that mobile phones were now capable of running decent gameplay. The gambling industry became aware of this new technology and started to look at ways gambling could become involved. Now we see users on mobile slot machines as a part daily routine. This is because most smartphones allow you to download an app for almost anything, and this including gambling. Many casinos have specially designed apps that give punters better gameplay and a gambling experience with greater reliability than their web browser components. Some casinos players have even been able to use virtual reality headsets with their mobile phone to play in virtual casinos from the comfort of their own home.

What does this mean for casinos in real life? Well, as you can imagine, the popularity of mobile-based slot machines has led to a decrease in punters playing in real life. But not completely, many players still prefer to play the slots in real life. There are several reasons for this from a lack of trust in technology and their random numbering systems, to players who prefer the full gambling experience of playing a slot in real life.

All we can say is that this popularity of players using mobile slots is not a fad, and the demand doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon. Every day more and more people are turning to use their mobile phone for everything in life; more and more people will use their phone to play slots. And with the advancements in technology, the gameplay for mobile slots will only increase current players' experience and interest new ones.

Slot Tips and Tricks

The slot machine game is arguably the world’s oldest form of machine gambling, having been created sometime in the 18th century. It may even be the first ever gambling machine actually. It was originally called the fruit machine as the symbols on the reels where of fruits, like the iconic cherry symbol that still appears on reels to this day. Another name the game quickly adopted was the one-armed-bandit, the name was coined due to the machines proficiency at taking your hard earned cash and because of the fact that in those days you would needed to pull on a lever located beside the machine in order to start the reels spinning.

The first thing to remember when playing slots at is that it is a game of chance and unlike the good old days, cheating is virtually impossible nowadays, unless you are friends with the technicians or casino owner that is.  

Play According to RTPS 

RTP stands for return to player percentage; this refers to how much the machine will payout to players. For example; if the machine has a 97% RTP this means that out of every 100% put into the machine, it is programmed to give out 97% percent of that.

This is probably one of the most fool-proof ways to make sure you will be earning your money back, well hopefully that is. There are so many game titles on the market today and many more hitting the shelves at an exponential rate, this is due to the sheer number of developers that are popping up everywhere. All games have their own return to player percentage and the amounts can vary quite drastically, a rule of thumb any new players should abide by is to stick to games that offer an RTP of 98 or higher. Obviously this is not a strict rule. 

Speak to Floor Attendants Or Customer Support 

As mentioned above, the RTP is a great way to go about choosing the right machine to throw your cash into, however, this is not always the only tool players can use to determine the machine for them. A classic trick used by many avid players is to approach a friendly looking floor attendant and ask them to point you towards the machines that the regulars tend to play at. This is a great way to choose a machine if you do not frequent the casino as the regular players will no doubt have a good idea of which machines pay well and which machines to stay away from.

Now it goes without saying that you shouldn’t bet your house on this information, so always keep a level head and play responsibly. 

Look for Progressive Jackpot Machine

As the industry has grown, so have the number of game creators and competition in the industry. One way developers are trying to gain the upper hand is by offering progressive jackpots. This basically means that a large number of machines are linked together in the jackpot. Every time a spin is made and the jackpot is not won, a predetermined amount is added to the jackpot total and will continue to do so until the jackpot is won. Many players have noted that machines that are linked to massive progressive jackpot usually payout less frequently than those that offer smaller jackpots.

So the next time you’re on the prowl for a great slot game, make sure it has a high RTP, is located in an area the regulars seem to frequent and offers a small but decent progressive jackpot.

5 Steps You Should Take After Getting Into a Car Accident

No one wants to think about the possibility of getting into an accident on the road. Unfortunately, almost 1.25 million people die in vehicle-related accidents across the globe each year. Anywhere from 20-50 million people are injured by crashes. 

There are a variety of factors that can play into car accidents. In today’s “on the go” society, distracted driving is a huge problem. In fact, it’s the number one cause of car accidents, whether it’s sending/receiving a text message, eating or drinking, or talking on a cell phone that causes someone to take their concentration off of the road. 

If you do ever get into an accident, there are important steps to keep in mind. Knowing how to handle things ahead of time can better prepare you since you’re likely to feel overwhelmed and scared after the accident. It’s normal to wonder how getting injured would impact your family, or your ability to parent. You might also worry about how it will affect your job, or your overall quality of life. 

But, before the “what ifs” following an accident start to pile up, there are five crucial steps you should take to keep yourself safe. 

1. Get to Safety

If you’re physically able, the first thing you should always do following a car accident is to get to a safe place. Typically, that means pulling over to the side of the road or out of the line of traffic. Even if the accident isn’t extreme and it was just a small fender bender, getting away from other cars will allow you to get out of your vehicle safely so you can assess the damage and make sure the people in the other cars involved are all okay. 

2. If Necessary, Seek Medical Attention

If anyone is injured, even if the injuries are minor, it’s important to call an ambulance right away. Car accidents can cause many different types of physical injuries. What might just appear to be a small cut on the head could actually be a concussion. If you’re having pain in your abdomen from the impact, it could be internal bleeding. 

That’s not meant to scare you, but to keep you aware of the underlying injuries that could happen in an accident. You may not start to notice symptoms for several hours or even days later, and by that point, they can be much harder to treat. Even if you don’t think anyone was injured, it’s a good idea to get some kind of medical professional to the scene to make sure everyone is okay. 

3. Call the Police

You should absolutely talk things out with the other drivers/passengers involved in the accident, especially if no one is seriously hurt. But, even small accidents should have some kind of police involvement. 

By calling the police right away and having them assess the situation, you can avoid the other driver(s) making false claims about the accident to their insurance companies, or even to a personal injury lawyer. While it’s nice to feel like you can trust someone just through a conversation and an agreement, that isn’t always the case. Having the police involved will help to cover your bases, even if you were at fault for the accident. 

4. Document the Accident

Once you’ve exchanged information with the other driver, including their name, insurance information and phone number, you should take the initiative to document as much of the crash scene as possible. 

If there were other witnesses, write down their contact information. Take personal notes about what happened during the accident, and take as many pictures as possible with your cell phone. It’s also a good idea to get the information of any police officers involved as well as the police report number, for your insurance company. Again, it’s all about covering your bases to make sure you’re not faulted unnecessarily. 

5. Understand Your State’s Statute of Limitations

Every state has a specific statute of limitations. That means, you only have a certain amount of time after the date of an accident to make an insurance claim, or to contact a personal injury lawyer to get some kind of compensation for any injuries you sustained during the crash. 

If you don’t make any claims or take any action before the statute runs out, you automatically forfeit your right to do so in the future (as it pertains to that particular accident). 

People sometimes wait before taking any action for a variety of reasons, but you should absolutely contact a lawyer right away after an accident if you feel that you may have been at fault - even if it was only partially your doing. It doesn’t take much for another party to want compensation of some kind, so if either of you were injured in the accident and someone was specifically at fault, it’s not uncommon for the case to head to court. 

Moving Forward After a Car Accident

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider both immediately after getting into an accident, and when it comes to the long-term process of getting through it. It can be a long, drawn-out process that can take months, or even years to settle if you end up going to court. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is to take care of yourself in the process. Being as open and honest about the ins and outs of the accident will help you immediately when you’re talking to the police, medical professionals, and your insurance agency. Make sure any statements you make about the accident are clear and concise, and can’t be misconstrued or taken another way that could be used against you later. 

So, while preparing yourself for a car accident might not cross your mind each day, being informed on what to do if it ever occurs can help to keep you safe in more ways than one. Keep some of these suggestions in mind if you’re ever in the thick of an accident. Whether things end quickly with an exchange of information, or you find yourself in an ugly court battle, you can be more prepared to fight for your rights and protect yourself and your family in the process. 

Here’s How You Could Start Taking Better Care of Your Mental Health

If you believe that you just aren’t taking care of yourself as much as you could be, then now is almost certainly the time for you to make a change. If you don’t then you may find that you end up doing yourself more harm than good and that you also struggle to feel good on a day to day basis.
Take a Mental Health Day
If you feel as though you need a mental health day, then make sure that you take one. If you do, then you will be much more productive, and you will also be able to bounce back much better as well. Mental health days can also be used as preventative medicine, so don’t be afraid to use them if you feel like you need to give your mind and your body the chance to fully recharge. If your mental health is suffering as the result of drink or drugs then consider looking into couples drug rehab centers.

Do Something Other Than Watch TV
If you have lost count of how many nights you have been up watching a TV show, only to feel tired the next day then try and experiment. Don’t watch TV for a full week, and see how much easier you find it to wake up the next day. You could try reading, colouring, speaking on the phone with a loved one or even taking a bath. For a lot of people, watching a good TV show can be a fantastic coping mechanism but at the end of the day, staying up until 2am isn’t good at all and it won’t be doing you any favours.
Think about Your Last Vacation
Think about the last vacation you had, what did you do? Maybe you replaced going to the gym with swimming, walking or even just relaxing. If you want to help yourself then take some of that mentality and incorporate it into your life. Go for a morning swim, jog instead of sifting through your emails or even buy a sun lounger for your garden. When you do, you will soon find that you feel much better and that you are able to deal with the stress of daily life much more efficiently.
Take 5 Minutes
Meditation might feel like something that only yoga teachers do, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t worry about trying to accomplish anything, and focus on the current moment. If you don’t know how to do this or if you just don’t know where to start, then sit quietly and try to focus on breathing properly.
Limit Refined Sugar
Cutting back on added sugar, anything in sugar, candies and even pastries will make you feel better. Your sugar will be much more stabilised in the day and you may even find that you are able to eliminate fatigue and headaches too. If you want to take things to that next level then think about adding leafy greens, avocados or even figs to your diet. This will really help you out and it will also make it easier to avoid that 2pm slump.

Getting the Right Diagnosis is Always Important

gray HTC Android smartphone

Getting the right diagnosis is essential for your child. While you might think at first that they are naturally ignorant of everything you say or perhaps generally cannot focus, this could be a sign of more significant issues that could affect them later in life. 

To ensure you can help them grow up healthy and happy, it’s essential to notice these signs and take the correct steps to help them. From hearing problems to conditions such as ADHD or even autism, here are the reasons why getting the right diagnosis is always vital. 

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Hearing Loss

    You may have noticed, as you age, that your hearing isn’t what it used to be. You might be chalking that up to overusing those headphones and listening to your music too loud, those heavy metal concerts you attended every other day, or just good old fashioned “getting old”. And while those things may be contributing factors to your hearing loss, it’s still a good idea to go to the doctor at the first sign of hearing diminishment, so you can get a full exam. 

Photo Credit: Tristan Le

    There are various hearing loss risks associated with diminishing hearing ability, and failing to go to the doctor to get a proper diagnosis can further exacerbate those risks. Rather than risk having a worsened condition, make an appointment with your audiologist to get to the bottom of your hearing loss ASAP.
    Below are just a few of the risks associated with continued hearing loss: 

Loss of Balance
Inner ear problems can be related to or lead to balance issues. For someone who is of advanced age, mobility is already a concern. Hearing issues will only make those worse; resulting in a possible fall or issues with walking. 

Sleeping Issues
Hearing problems when untreated can lead to insomnia, sleep apnea and other major sleep problems. This can also lead to snoring and other sleep related problems. The more tired you are, the less balance you have, and it’s a never-ending cycle, which is why you should see a doctor. 

Mineral/Vitamin Deficiencies
Doctors have noted in recent years that often those with hearing loss have vitamin or mineral deficiencies that, while they aren’t necessarily causing the hearing loss, are often related to the hearing loss. So while you’re at that appointment, speak to your doctor about this possibility and schedule an appointment with your GP if you have any doubts as to where you might be deficient. A supplement or vitamin may be in order. 

Dealing with hearing loss on your own without any type of aid or assistance can be really stressful; craning your ear to try and hear, training yourself to read lips, begging people to turn up the volume; while these don’t seem like such a big deal, after time, they can begin to weigh on a person. Better to suck it up, make that appointment and just get to the doctor for that hearing test than force yourself to suffer with hearing loss. 

Permanent Damage
If you continue to let your hearing erode, rather than seeing a professional, you  may end up with permanent hearing loss that cannot be reversed or assisted. It is always a good idea, in the interest of preventative care as much as anything else, to see a doctor at the earliest signs of diminishing hearing, so you can get a proper diagnosis and the necessary treatment. Your doctor may be able to stave off any further, more debilitating, damage. 

    Now that you know the risks associated with hearing loss, don’t you want to make a doctor’s appointment today? Don’t let a small issue become a larger problem. 

Common Marriage Problems a Lot of Couples Face

You would have to be very lucky to go through your entire marriage without experiencing any sort of problems. Most couples go through hard times. However, it is how you deal with these difficult moments that will make or break your relationship. Below, we are going to take a look at some of the most common marriage issues that a lot of couples face.

Appreciation starts to dwindle - We often hear about couples that start to get comfortable. After all, you cannot stay in the honeymoon stage forever. However, when appreciation starts to fade, the conflict will arise. Both females and males crave positive recognition, and so it is important to make sure that you express your gratitude and appreciate the other person in your relationship. Think of different ways you can make loving gestures. These do not need to be grand gestures; small touches can go a very long way when it comes to showing someone how much you care. 

Fighting about finances - This is another cause of friction and frustration for a lot of couples today. Talking about finances with your other half can be tense and stressful, particularly if you both have different ways of managing money and different spending habits. If one person in the relationship has gambling problems or is addicted to spending money, this can be extremely challenging. Rather than burying your head in the sand, it is important to get on the same page regarding money and to put a financial plan together as a couple. This will help to prevent bigger problems later down the line. 

Communication breakdown - Aside from the problems that have been discussed so far, a lot of couples experience issues because of communication breakdowns. It is important to realise that talking and communication are not the same. Talking is about providing information without requiring a response. However, communication is the non-verbal and verbal exchange of information. Knowing how to communicate effectively is of huge importance. It is about listening to the other person and really understanding what they have to say. It is also about communicating how you are feeling so that the other person understands. 

Being unfaithful - Last but not least, there is no denying that being unfaithful is one of the most common causes of marriage problems in the current day and age. For some people, there is no going back once one person has cheated on the other. However, there are also a lot of couples that have managed to successfully rebuild their relationships after an incident like this. Partner support counselling can be very helpful here. A professional can help you to work through these issues together. 

All in all, there is no denying that there are a lot of different problems that people can experience in their marriage. If you are going through marriage difficulties, it is important to take a step back, breathe, and figure out how you are going to move forward and deal with this issue. 


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