Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Tips for Cubicle Sound-proofing

Nobody likes going to work. Especially if you are working in a small cubicle. It feels like an experiment has been going on all the time while you've been working. And in a few days, or maybe today somebody will come and tell you it was all a big joke. The only thing that makes people feel like this is the small space and all of the noise.

Of course, you have a bit of space, but that's enough only to take a step, and then you are out. The job itself can be great, and if it was a different environment, everyone would love it. Well, since you can't do anything about the space, what can you do about the noise?

Talk to your boss or manager first
Before doing anything, you should have a conversation with your boss or the manager in charge. By doing this, you will let them know that there is something that might bother more people. They might have already thought of ideas that they wanted to implement. This is a win-win situation if someone one else has a problem with the noise too.  And, as you read on, you will also get a few thoughts on what to recommend to them to reduce the overall noise.

Add a carpet for the floor
Most of the noise that goes on in the office is people walking in a distinct matter. If you've worked there for a long time, you already know who is going, whereby the sound of their particular walk. As well as that, high heels make a lot of noise. You can be focused and doing something important, and the tick-tock sound of high heels will make you forget it.

The solution you can suggest is to get a carpet that will cover the tiled floor. This will make a much more comfortable working environment. As well as that, that can make it feel more like home. Also, if there is a lot of noise from the floor beneath you, the carpet will block it out. The thicker the rug, the better. It also serves as insulation, and all of the noise will be absorbed by the fabric.

Raise the height of the cubicles
If you have an open cubicle, chances are that the side walls are pretty short. By standing up, you can take a peek in your neighbor's workspaces. If that's the case, you can suggest raising the height of the cubicles. This will reduce the sound from your neighbors, and everyone will gladly appreciate some more privacy. There are a lot of options, and the best one is freestanding partition walls. They are all quite well build, and they all absorb sound at a fantastic rate. You can either get them one by one, or you can just put them all together.

The negative thing about this option is that it can be a bit expensive to do for the whole office. Your boss or manager might even tell you that you can't do that to your own workspace. That's because some people will feel jealous and it will cause a lot of bickering around the colleagues. If they say no, you have a few more options to work with. Click here to read more.

Hang curtains or attach soundproof panels
Instead of going up, you can try and make your existing walls a bit thicker. A professional option is to attach soundproof panels. They absorb the noise, and they don't let it go through. This will definitely make your sitting station more enjoyable. But they can be a bit pricey. So, the next best thing is to add a few curtains on the walls. Since the walls themselves are very thin, the added textile layer will make it harder for sound to pass through. You will feel the difference immediately. The reason high-end theaters use top curtains is precise because of this quality.

Install a white noise fan
If nothing goes your way, then you can just put in a white noise fan. This is a good thing because first of all, it will keep you cool and calm. The second thing is that it's loud, and it will cancel out a lot of the noise coming from outside. It's just the right amount of loud. It's perfectly enough to make everything pleasant for you, but it's also quiet enough not to disturb your coworkers.

Get a pair of headphones
The first thought that comes to mind is that you get a couple of headphones, put them in, and problem solved. Well, yes, that can be an option. It's a pretty good option too, but it doesn't solve the problem of soundproofing. What we meant by getting a pair of headphones is switching the old phones for newer technology. Simple wireless Bluetooth headphones will work wonders for the entire office. No one will be yelling on a handset anymore. Instead, the volume of the whole office will go down. Here’s some more info:

Finally, soundproofing an office is a common issue to solve. There's no way that only one person is bothered by the noise from everyone else. You need to organize a meeting and acknowledge that there is a problem. This will make it easier to solve. If everyone chips in with a small amount, it can make a drastic difference in the working environment. Of course, that's only valid if the upper management decides not to interfere.

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