Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Finding Work That Yields True Insight

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In life, we have many decisions to make regarding the path we wish to walk. To some extent, this can be muddied by what we believe we are obligated to do. For example, some people feel that the best measure of success is to work for and defend a corporation, raising the ranks of the corporate ladder while being provided for through their efforts. This works for a great number of people, leading to record numbers of employment and so should never be disregarded or thrown out as a viable option. Choosing this path does not mean you are ‘taking the easy route’ either, as this can be quite the opposite.

However, for some people, finding work that sustains their souls and yields them true insight into the human condition, or gives them an opportunity to help, or to increase and spread awareness and understanding is a vital necessity. They may see this as preferable to being able to manage a budget for a large company, or on marketing that next consumerist product.

But how do you even begin down that path? We think some of the following advice could apply:

The Bigger Picture

True insight can be found in the microcosm, but it can also be found in the bigger picture. Too often we forget to look at the bigger picture within a range of disciplines or academic pursuits, as doing so can lend uncomfortable truths to our forward progression. This is why a history degree attained through Norwich University can be so worthwhile to consider because when you understand the past, you can inform the present or even predict the future.

A Chance For Change

Insight is nothing if it’s gone unused, and to that end, it’s only a nice thought experiment to keep. This is why finding a career path that offers true change is often best found in work that yields true insight. For example, you may find that your knowledge of corporate history helps you keep on top of a downturn within a business, or changes in societal trends can help you attack bigotry in all its forms. Career paths such as those found in non-profit organizations, awareness-spreading initiatives or even firms developing technological solutions for problems can be a real benefit here.

Challenging Norms

Challenging norms is also an important part of yielding true insight and applying it in a practical sense. The ability to ask ‘why’ is often one that can lead you back to the roots of decision-making, and this in itself can uncover new ways of thinking and operating. Perhaps you find that you wish to provide a rideshare service but are unaware of why Uber and firms like it can’t seem to pay a living wage to their employees or treat their contractors as anything other than those contributing to a gig economy.

Norms are often ratified and made traditional by those who struggle to see the best forward progress or struggle to see the big picture. When you take the time to challenge those norms, be that as part of a non-profit dedicated to awareness or a startup interested in addressing the problems an industry is facing, you can always move forward with at least your best intentions to heart. Even if your attempts fail, this will lead to further insight, and that in itself will continue to hold the value you have begun to value so much.

Informing a Culture

Cultural understanding and demands can often have a massive impact on how the forward progression of an industry changes. This is because, for the most part, businesses need to cater to their audience, and boycotts or wilful campaigns against a firm can lead them to bleed revenue.

Perhaps a pressing example of late is how the video game industry, a relatively new industry by its own right, is continually being pushed and pulled by consumer opinion. When microtransactions in video games started to be seen as encouraging gambling, the Belgian parliament ruled against it, and this set a precedent. Not only this, but those who felt their purchase of a product shouldn’t lead to further money-squeezing efforts won the hearts and minds of those who agreed with this sentiment. This changed industry trends and informed the culture as to what they could expect. While not all play video games, this simple example can show just how informing a culture through your own insight-gathering and applying efforts could be such a worthwhile use of your time.

With this advice, we hope you can find work that yields true insight through and through.

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