Monday, November 25, 2019

3 Healthy Changes You Can Make Today

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It is never too late to make a change. This is important to remember. While the end of the year might feel like a good time to look back and the beginning of next year might feel like a good time to do something new, the reality is that tomorrow is as good a time to start as any. 

Making changes can feel hard. We are all creatures of habit and bad habits are often difficult to shake. However, you might find that your bad habits are easier to replace than to stop altogether. So, instead of trying to stop something, why not simply reframe the issue as starting something new?

Learn to Care For Yourself

For some of us, taking care of ourselves seems to be harder than anything else. If you are the kind of person who never feels quite in control or always seems to manage to do the wrong thing, you might consider that it isn’t a personality trait set in stone, but simply an opportunity to learn to take better care of yourself. 

You might like to start by addressing any current issues you have. For example, you might like to check out sober living homes near me if you have a problem with alcohol. Equally, you may find that a therapist could help you to identify where the problems are and begin to unravel your difficulties. 

Learning to care for yourself is like an oxygen mask - you have to do this before you can help anyone else and sometimes you need help yourself.

Start Working Out For Fun

There are lots of reasons to work out: your health will improve, your stamina will increase and you will probably get the release of endorphins you have been seeking elsewhere. But if you are struggling to get motivated to go to the gym, you definitely need to stop thinking about your fitness and start thinking about your fun. 

There are all kinds of ways to workout and have fun at the same time. When exercise is fun it is usually social, competitive or ridiculous. Sports like curling embody all 3! The key is to figure out what you are looking for. If you have long enjoyed the party scene, going to an early morning dance session in a club might not be too far from your radar, though going sober might make you wonder where the appeal was! 

Make New Friends

One of the best things you can do throughout life is making new friends. As we get older, it feels a lot like opportunities for hanging out and being social dry up. And yet, there are so many different ways to make friends and meet new people. 

If going to a bar isn’t your thing, you might like to try going to a cultural activity group or signing up for a class to learn new skills. Equally, asking your friends to introduce you to new people is a good way to broaden your social circle. When you view making friends as a daily activity, it’s suddenly not as hard as it looks. 

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