Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Buying A New Construction Property: Tips To Simplify The Entire Process

New construction properties have no former owners, which for buyers, is often extremely attractive. There’s no need to worry about the former owners’ taste, or long-standing issues with a property that was constructed using old-fashioned or outdated techniques: instead, it’s a fresh slate, with a modern property that you can be sure is fit for purpose. 

If you’re currently looking to move home and are intrigued by the possibility of buying a new construction property, below, we have provided advice that you may find useful. 

Buying your property 

It is possible to buy a new construction property that has already been built (which is known as buying “on spec”), but one of the best choices is to buy a property that is yet to be constructed, and which you can then customize to meet your own ideals. While this option does take awhile - as the property won’t be built until you have made all decisions - it can be worth it if you’d like to be involved in each step of the process. If customization is less important, then buying an already-built new construction is still a great choice that allows you to enjoy a property built to modern standards relatively quickly.

As well as the type of property you’re looking to buy, you’ll need to ensure you have independent advice. Building companies often recommend mortgage providers and agents to buyers for the sake of convenience, but you may prefer to make your own arrangements. However, you can ask if there is a specific discount if you go with the builders’ recommended team - there often is, which can make it an option well worth considering. 

The moving process 

The process of moving into a new construction home is largely the same as any type of property - you’ll want to hire a moving company, label boxes, and so on and so forth. There is, however, a significant benefit to be enjoyed when moving to a new construction: you can move slowly

As there’s no need to work around the existing owners schedule, you can start to move items as soon as the construction work is complete and you have the keys, which can remove the inevitable stress that a single “moving day” often provides. 

You may find it helpful to start by transporting items that are too large or awkward to fit into a box, or are particularly delicate and are thus not necessarily suitable to be transported alongside other items. Moving the aforementioned kinds of items individually should simplify the main bulk of the move considerably and help ensure all your items get to their new home in the best possible condition. 

When you have moved in 

When moving into a brand-new property, many people expect that they can be sure the building will be flawless - but this isn’t necessarily the case. Poor workmanship and similar issues can occur in newer properties just as they can in older ones, so a Solex Group professional home inspection is advisable upon moving into the property. If any issues are identified, then these can often be rectified under the conditions of the warranty supplied by the builder. 

With the inspection - and any necessary work - complete, you can now think about personalizing your property. Create a few mood boards and let your creativity go wild; there’s no pre-existing decor to contend with or remove, so you can create a home that perfectly suits your tastes and preferences. 

In conclusion

The attraction of being the first family to live in a property is undeniable, so if you decide to go ahead and buy a new construction, then you’re likely to be delighted by the choice - and we hope that the tips above will prove to be helpful throughout the process. 

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