Thursday, September 26, 2019

Important Rules To Keep You Safe When Dating

The world of dating has changed a lot in the last decade and there are more ways than ever to meet people. Online dating makes it so much easier to connect with people and meet up for dates, which is great if you are looking for a partner. But there is a downside to all of this new dating technology because it can be dangerous. If you are just swapping a few messages with somebody before you meet up with them, you don’t really know who they are. In some cases, you might turn up and find out that they don’t quite look as good as they do in their pictures, but it could be a lot worse than that. Meeting a stranger is always dangerous, so you need to be careful when you are dating. These are some of the best dating tips to help you stay safe. 

Don’t Give Out Personal Details 

You might think it’s nice if somebody is asking a lot of questions about which area you live in, what you did for work, and where you grew up because it shows that they are trying to get to know you. But there is a potential danger there because they could use that information to track you down. If they are asking a few general questions then you don’t need to worry, but if somebody is immediately asking you a lot of specific questions about your life, you need to make sure that you don’t give too much away. Check out for a list of information that you need to keep out of your dating profile. Definitely do not tell them where you live or where you work until you have met with them a few times and you are sure that they are genuine. 

Don’t Hand Over Your Number Straight Away 

It’s fairly common for people to start messaging on a dating app and then swap numbers, but you have to remember that once they have your number, you can’t take it back. That could lead to problems with harassment and if they are particularly good with technology, they may be able to hack into your phone. It’s not that likely but it’s always a danger. If you like speaking with people over the phone rather than messaging because it’s a better way to get to know people, maybe you should ditch the dating apps altogether and use a chat service instead. There are some great phone chat services (like this one at that will put you in touch with other singles in your area so you can chat over the phone. Your number is protected so it’s a lot safer than giving your number out over dating apps. 

Meet In Public 

For the first few dates, you should always meet them in a public place somewhere. If they are suggesting dates and either one of your houses, that’s a bit of a red flag and you should consider calling the whole thing off. If you meet somewhere public, during the day if possible, you will be far safer. It’s also important that you choose the location for the date instead of letting them choose because they may have set something up beforehand. 

Keep The Date Short 

First dates should always be relatively short for a couple of reasons. There’s a chance that you won’t get on at all and if you have a whole day of activities planned, it can be awkward to slip away early. If you are a nervous dater, you might not be able to handle a date that is very long, so it’s best to stick to a short coffee date to start with. Finally, it is safer because it gives you a chance to test the waters and then get out of the situation. But if you plan to be with that person for a longer period, you increase your chances of something going wrong. 

Tell People About The Date 

When you have made plans for the date, you need to make sure that you tell people about it. Let some friends know exactly where you are going and at what time. Then you need to arrange to call them afterwards to let them know that everything is ok. If they don’t hear from you, they’ll know that something is wrong. If things go well and you decide that you want to continue the date, make sure that you remember to send them a quick message to update them.  

As long as you follow these simple steps, you can make sure that you are safe when you meet somebody for the first time. 

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