Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Three Things To Think About When Choosing Glasses Frames

If you have recently found out that you need to start wearing glasses, whether it is all the time or just for things like driving or reading, it can be tricky to decide what kind of frames you should get. You want glasses that will look good on your face, and also feel comfortable so that you forget that you are wearing them. When browsing for new glasses, you will see that there are thousands of choices, but before you invest in some Prada eyeglasses or other beautiful high end frames, it is best to know you are choosing something that you'll continue to like long term.

Here are some things to consider:

How Many Pairs Will You Have?

If you only plan to get one pair of glasses to use all of the time, or at least, just one to begin with, it is best to prioritize finding a simple, classic style in a neutral color. This is because trends change fast, and while some statement glasses with big, bold frames might be a good choice now, fashion-wise, you probably don't want the only pair you own to fall into this category if that look becomes dated soon. Equally, you will need your glasses to look good with everything you wear, so if you only own one pair and they are bright red, that could limit what they will look good with. If you are getting more than one pair of glasses, then make sure at least one set is neutral and simple in design.

What Feels Good?

Some people love the look of chunky frames, but hate the feel of them on their faces, especially when the weather is hot. Heavy plastic frames can look cool, but if you hate actually wearing them, then it's no good. Again, you could consider having a pair like this that you like the style of to wear out, but have a lightweight pair of glasses that you wear at home or while working. Alternatively, you could just have the frame style you like best for your sunglasses, and keep the glasses you need to wear in everyday life to the kind you find most practical and comfortable.

How Much Will You Wear Them?

If you only need to wear glasses for certain things, or prefer to wear contacts a lot of the time, then you can choose glasses that can almost be like an optional change to your look, giving you the option to wear them as an accessory when you want to. If this is how you plan to use your glasses, then you may want to choose some that have a bolder look, so that you really feel like you look different when you have them on. This can also be something to think about if you have to wear glasses all the time now, but like the idea of reinventing your style to include a strong glasses look.

Finding the right glasses for your needs, look and lifestyle can take some shopping around, but make sure that the pairs you choose are ones you'll love to wear time and again!