Saturday, July 20, 2019

Five Mistakes That Are Made In An Interview

Getting an interview for a potential job is certainly a step in the right direction and so now comes the part where you need to impress that employer and hopefully secure the job. However, mistakes are easily made when in an interview. Here are five mistakes that are worth avoiding.

Not Fully Knowing Enough About The Company
One of the main issues that some candidates won’t do for an interview is to actually learn more about the company they are getting interviewed by. This is important simply because the employers want to know that the candidate is interested in working for the company and not just the role itself. So with that in mind, make sure that you’ve learned about the company before you go in. It’s only really the basics, like what do they do and maybe highlight any particular work they’ve done in the past that piqued your interest.

Being Too Formal Or Too Informal
The way you behave in an interview is important because it shows the employer how you’d do within the company dynamic. You want to have an equal balance of formality and informality when being interviewed. When it comes to being interviewed on the questions, keep it formal, but when the more relaxed questions are asked, it’s certainly good to inject a bit more personality and show them that side of you that they are probably keen on seeing to understand and get to know you as a person more.

Providing The References
On any simple resume template, there’s the option to add in your references, and this should immediately be made available upon request. Although references are done once the interview is over and you’ve been offered the job, it’s important that you’ve thought about your references and who you pick in particular. Providing references that might not be legit or give a negative response are not going to do you any favors as a candidate and therefore, who you have as a reference could be the make or break of you getting a role. 

Not Asking Questions
The employer at the end of the interview will ask the question, ‘Do you have any questions for us?’ And regardless of whether you do or not, always ask questions. It shows an employer that you’re interested in the role and that you’ve taken the time to ask questions in which any information hasn’t been covered. The standard type of question to ask is what they like about their job in the company and what a day in the role looks like. 

Being Negative About Your Current Employment
It’s one of the biggest mistakes to make when in an interview, and the reason is because they’ll likely think you could have the same attitude about their company and no one likes to be bad mouthed. You may be working for a not so nice employer currently but if they ask, try to keep the response vague, rather than pinning the blame on your current employment. 

Follow these tips, and you’ll put yourself in good stead of getting that role!

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