Monday, July 8, 2019

Common Plumbing Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Planning on tackling your own plumbing? Here are several common mistakes that you need to avoid. Don’t be afraid to call a plumber if needed.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Owning your own home is something that people no longer take for granted. The share of Canadians that own a home is shrinking due to economic issues and the rise of home prices in major cities.

As a result, folks are older when they become first-time homeowners, and may not know a lot about how to care for a home. Even people who have had a house for many years can make simple mistakes when it comes to plumbing.

Here are some important but common mistakes that you need to avoid.

Forgetting to Turn Off the Water
If you’re working on a repair, the number one step is to turn off the water to the fixture. You’d be surprised how many homeowners forget to do this! Just having the faucet turned off doesn’t change the fact that water is in the fixture.

If you remove a faucet or start working on a toilet without shutting off the water, you can expect a serious spray all over the room and a lot of water damage. Don’t do it!

Over-Tightening Plumbing Fixtures
You might feel like installing a new toilet or faucet is a simple weekend DIY project. Unfortunately, many homeowners make a simple mistake that can result in serious problems.

You don’t want leaks, right? So you tighten the plumbing fixtures as much as you possibly can. Unfortunately, doing that causes leaks or even more problems. You can crack the fitting or break the nuts you’re using.

It only takes a little pressure to seal the fixture – don’t overdo it.

Misusing Thread Tape

To install a faucet or even just a new showerhead, you need to use thread tape to create a tight seal. Thread tape has to be wrapped clockwise around the threads, but many homeowners wrap it the opposite way.

The result is that the tape comes off as you screw on the fixture. It’s now useless because it’s not creating a seal.

To use tape correctly, wrap tape three times around the threads. Be sure it’s going in the same direction as you plan to screw on the tape.

Trying to DIY Over Your Ability
We understand that you don’t necessarily want to call a plumber for what seems like a “minor” job, but if you aren’t the handy type, you really should. A lot of homeowners dive into a project with a lot of enthusiasm and no real idea what they’re doing.

You end up not having the spare parts you need, such as gaskets, o-rings, and stems. You can’t simply reuse everything when you disassemble a fixture.

Instead, contact a company who provides high-quality plumbing in Toronto.

Overusing Drain Cleaners
Chemical drain cleaners can be a huge benefit to homeowners struggling with clogged drains. However, if you use them all the time or more than directed on the back of the bottle, you can be doing significant damage to your plumbing.

Chemicals that dissolve clogs also damage your pipes, which can lead to leaks, cracks, or breakage. You’ll also destroy the rubber gaskets in a coupling, which can lead to leaks. Instead of using chemicals every time, consider using a snake or removing the P-trap and pouring out the material causing the blockage.

Handle Your Plumbing Professionally
Doing DIY might make you feel good about saving money, but it definitely doesn’t save money when you end up with a leak and significant water damage. Make sure you fully understand what you’re doing before you attempt repairs, and don’t shy away from calling in a professional if needed.