Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Certificate in Information Security Management Principles

There is no denying that one thing that all professionals should do, no matter what industry you operate in, is look for ways to better yourself. After all, if you want to progress, move forward, and earn more money, you need to ensure you have something extra to offer. One area that is in high demand and thriving at the moment is that of data security.

Information security is an industry that is growing phenomenally. As cyber criminals get more intelligent and the security threats to businesses continue to grow, the demand for IT professionals with expertise in information security will increase. Nevertheless, you will, of course, need to make sure you take the relevant courses and achieve the right accreditation to exceed in this field. CISMP is something you may wish to consider. In this post, we will tell you all you need to know about this course, including what will you learn and whom it is designed for.

CISMP stands for Certificate in Information Security Management Principles. It’s an excellent qualification for anyone that wishes to progress in the information security industry. Perhaps you are an IT professional that wants to develop a career in IT security management? If so, this qualification is ideal for you. Nonetheless, it’s not only ideal for those looking to enhance their employability. A lot of existing IT managers take a CISMP course so they can broaden their knowledge in regards to information security. They do this so that their organization has adequate information security controls and management in place. From delivering a more reliable authentication experience to understanding how security differs based on the environment, there are so many important bits of knowledge that this course can provide you with.

The CISMP qualification is a foundation-level qualification and the great thing about it is that it is internationally recognized. This is not only important for those that wish to transfer their skills abroad when relocating but, of course, a lot of IT security is outsourced all over the world nowadays. When taking a course to achieve your CISMP you will cover all of the key areas that are related to information security management. This includes all of the following…

    Security standards – You will learn about the national legislation that impacts IT security management, as well as any national and international standards and legal frameworks that are in place.
    IT security management concepts – This includes the likes of threats, risks, confidentiality, vulnerability, availability, integrity, and countermeasures.
    Environments – You will need to understand the different business and technical environments that IT security management will need to operate in. This includes physical and people security.
    Knowledge of technical and management controls – This includes the different types of controls and their characteristics. You will need to have knowledge of their categorization, operation and their effectiveness.

So now you know the basis of what a course in CISMP will cover. But, how do you achieve this qualification? It is entirely exam based. Therefore you will need to take an exam, which consists of 100 questions. All questions are multiple choice and you have two hours to complete the paper. Thus, you can look at it as having one minute per question and then 20 minutes to go over the exam paper. It’s a closed-book examination, which means you’re not allowed any research materials or textbooks to assist you. In order to receive your CISMP you need to get a minimum of 65 answers correct. This will give you a pass mark. However, to achieve a distinction you need to get a minimum of 80 out of 100.

You can do a bit of digging online to find some example questions. Plus, if you choose a reputable course provider, you can expect them to provide you with all of these details.

All in all, if you wish to progress in the world of information security management, no matter whether you want to carve a career in this industry or it’s necessary to protect your current organization, a CISMP training course is one you should consider taking.

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