Monday, May 13, 2019

3 Common Newborn Baby Conditions To Look Out For

As a new mom, the chances are that you spend hours every single day just staring at your little one when they are sleeping, just keeping a check on their breathing, watching their little chest go up and down, and marveling at this tiny human being that you have created. Being a new parent is wonderful, yet daunting and scary. While you know that they will be fine in their crib as you put them to bed, you still go in and check on them every hour when they first come home. This is entirely normal. The unconditional love that you feel for your little darling is indescribable. It’s vital that when you do look after your little bundle of joy that you are always checking them over and keeping an eye out for common conditions that a lot of newborns have. By discovering them early, you can lessen their impact and keep your little one healthy and comfortable.


Your baby’s skin will be delicate when they first arrive into the world. After all, they have been used to the comfy environment of your tummy for nine months. Because it is so fragile, the harsh world can be a little harmful to it. Newborn babies can suffer from a little eczema or peeling skin. The latter is rarely painful but you can prevent the skin from becoming dry by using Mustela newborn skin peeling moisturizers and baby oil to keep the skin hydrated and soft. For eczema, the skin may need a more medicated approach, so a visit to the doctor is usually in order. This condition may itch, and you want to keep your baby as comfortable as possible. Ensure that you give them short baths, pat them dry rather than rub, and apply an oil to lock in moisture.


Colic is often a term used to describe times when a baby cries a lot, but there is no immediate cause. You may have fed, winded and comforted your baby but to no avail. It can be traumatic as a new parent to see your baby wailing, clenching their fists, going red and getting hot. Colic usually rectifies itself by six months old, but you will still want to do anything in your power to ensure that you can lessen the occurrences. Always rock your baby gently, keep them close to comfort them, wind them after every feeding and consider trying colic drops as a soother. Colic is no reflection on you as a parent, and doctors themselves are confused by the condition.

Diaper Rash

Common in little ones, diaper rash appears on your little one’s bottom. Newborn babies have to come into contact with many different materials when they enter the world, but sometimes diapers can be a little snug, or the material is a little chafing. Ensure that you moisturize every time you change your baby’s diaper. Consider a little aloe vera as a natural substitute if your baby has sensitive skin, and look into more eco-friendly washing powders and reusable diapers. This can lessen the symptoms and prevent further irritation.

Welcoming your little cherub into your home is a joyous occasion. Being a new mom, while overwhelming, is wonderful. Take some time to enjoy your baby while always being vigilant and on the lookout for any potential health problems.

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