Thursday, April 11, 2019

Why Being Part of a Community is So Important

Humans are generally social animals who need interaction with other people. Loneliness can lead to depression and other mental health issues.  This is especially so for the elderly, who no longer work so do not even have any interaction with work colleagues. Age does not really come into though, as no matter how old a person is they can be lonely if there are no connections with other people.

Your Family

Generally, family are the first people you will chat to most of the time. That is not always the case though as the old saying ‘you can choose your friends but not your family’ shows.  Not all family members get on with each other and sometimes people do not see any of their close relatives for many years.

If you are lucky enough to have a good family network, that is great and will be good for your mental well being. As creatures that need other people around us though, if you and your family are estranged, you need to try and make friends with some other people.

That can be easier said than done, as it is not easy to venture out on your own. You can get to meet new people by volunteering your services as there are many charity stores, schools, community clubs and other places that are desperate for help they cannot afford to pay for.

The Advantages of Communities

There are many advantages to being part of a community, just a few suggestions being as follows.

  • A community will offer protection and a network of support when you most need it.  Whether that is because you need help with something or want to celebrate, it is much better when other people do it with you.

  • For elderly people, that community can be in a nursing home, which usually offers all the support and protection they need. However, just sometimes, that level of care is not up to standard and then you may need the assistance of nursing home abuse lawyers to help you get it put right. It is not unusual in this situation for the elderly person to be afraid to speak out, and the community of other residents could well be the ones that tell you something is amiss.

  • You will have more opportunities as part of a community. You will learn from other people’s success and could feel inspired to do something similar. Whether it is a new skill that will help you progress at work or a new social activity, these opportunities will give you the chance to expand your knowledge and help you to grow as a person.

  • A community gives you more chance to have fun. As very social creatures, engaging in social activities with people we know will increase the fun and laughter in your life.

Choose Your Community Wisely

Just think about the people you spend the most time with and consider if they are positive or negative people. Negativity can drag you down, and if all your friends are that way it could be time to find some new ones.

If you work next to someone all day long who does not think the same way as you, be sure to have friends that are more like-minded to spend your leisure time with. This will help to get you through the working day without getting troubled over the person you are working with.

You should also consider the type of places you and your friends hang out, as that can have a profound effect on the way you communicate with each other.

It Is Good For Your Health To Be Part of A Community

People, who feel they have friends and that they belong in their group, will have fewer health issues. It is good for your mental health to feel this way, and if your mental health is good, you are more likely to feel physically well too.

All the experts agree when they are giving advice on staying fit and healthy, that socializing and interacting with other people is vitally important. Being part of a community, whether that is a work one or a play-time one, will help you to cope with the challenges everyday life presents and make you a happier person.

It really is very simple. The happier you are the more content you will be which in turn leads to less chance of a chronic disease developing, such as heart problems, diabetes, and cancers.

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