Thursday, March 14, 2019

Would Wood Flooring Work Best For Your Young Family?

When you have youngsters in the house, childproofing fast becomes a pretty pressing priority. With those little bodies around, you may well start to notice that everything from your furniture picks to your choice of flooring needs to change. You’ll probably scrap the coffee table, and opt for curved corners on every furniture item you have in each room. You may even get rid of your designer sofa set in place of something altogether more family friendly.

As for your flooring, you may realize that the carpets which have always served you aren’t quite what you need any more. Let’s face it; young kids and cream carpets are never going to be a good mix. As such, you may face the altogether more labor-intensive task of reflooring your whole house. And, when you do, you may want to consider going over to the wooden side.

Wood flooring is gaining in popularity thanks to minimalist living anyway. But, for your family needs, this could be the ideal solution. If you’re struggling to let go of carpets, then, keep on reading to find out why wooden floor could well suit you better.

Spills would never be a worry

As it stands, a spill on your carpet could, and probably would lead to a stain which you’d never be able to clean away. By the time your kids reach their school years, there may well be more stain patches than carpet. It’s a stress which you don’t need, and it’s never going to help your home look its best. By comparison, wooden flooring can really simplify your life in this way. Bear in mind that wooden floors are waterproof and non-absorbent. Your little loves could spill the most damaging cherry juice, and you could solve the problem with little more than kitchen roll. You wouldn’t need to rush, panic, or buy a load of stain removing products. You wouldn’t even need to get angry about little accidents like these anymore. This is especially the case if you opt for protective coatings on your floor of choice. Get used to this, and it’ll become alien to you when friends panic if their kids have an accident. Let us not forget that this can also ensure your home stays sparkly and clean during those terrible toddler years.

Cleanliness would be easy to uphold

Carpet can be a real breeding ground for bacteria, no matter how much you try to keep it clean. There’s nothing you can do about the germs which grow deep down in those fibres. That’s a problem when you consider that your kids will be down there playing on a floor like this. If they’re anything like most, they’ll even eat off it, for goodness sake. That could do untold damage to their health if you keep on going this way. By comparison, wooden floors don’t offer anywhere for bacteria to hide. This is especially the case if you choose options without gaps between panels. Of course, you would need still need to keep on top of some level of cleaning here. But, you would soon find that as easy as wiping the floor with a mop and cleaning fluid. Bear in mind that you don’t want to use strong cleaning chemicals on a floor which your kids eat food off of. But, there’s an easy enough solution to that problem as well. By investing in natural floor cleaners instead, you could keep things sparkling and safe at all times. Doing this once a day wouldn’t take you any time at all. You wouldn’t even need to get the vacuum cleaner out and fuss about with wires and everything else. There are even mops out there now which come complete with spray capabilities. What could be easier than that?

Easy repair solutions

While wooden floor is pretty hardy, it isn’t damage proof. If your kids drop something on a panel from a great height, for example, they could do some damage. Luckily, wooden flooring is incredibly easy to repair. Unlike carpet which needs a complete replacement, wooden floors of all kinds come in individual panels. That means you can replace a damaged section without facing an entire re-fit. That could see your floor looking as good as new with little effort and cost. Given how likely kids are to do real damage to any floor, this seems a lot like a no-brainer. It’s certainly better than the upheaval you'd experience if a similar accident happened in a carpeted room.

Let’s get moving

From an altogether cuter point of view, wooden flooring can also help kids move around with ease. Before they start walking, most children either crawl, scoot, or otherwise shuffle around. You don’t need us to tell you that trying to do this in carpeted rooms can be altogether impossible. In fact, it can lead to some nasty carpet burns and rashes if you have determined youngsters on your hands. By comparison, wooden flooring is a sliding dream. Your kids will be able to shuffle until their heart’s content, all without worry. Of course, you may want to steer clear of more natural wood options which pose some risk of splinters. That’s a situation no parent or child wants to deal with! But, varnished wood choices should never give off fragments in the same way. As such, they could be the ideal option, and even help your kids learn how to walk down the line!


So, there you have it. Four undeniable reasons why wood would be best for your family home. Admittedly, making the transition from carpet won’t be easy. It will involve clearing out rooms and going through a complete rehaul. If you take one room at a time, though, this needn’t cause you too much trouble on the whole. And, once the job is done, that same flooring should last you for years longer than any carpeting could. Who knows; your kids’ kids might even be scooting along those same wooden panels in many years to come.

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