Monday, March 25, 2019

What Is The Best Flooring Option For Salt Lake City?

It is a big task to replace or install the flooring. You can’t choose anything because it will impact the overall appeal and ambiance of your space. Getting in touch with a local contractor in Salt Lake City is a good decision to choose an ideal flooring option. A reputed Salt Lake City hardwood flooring company locally can guide when it comes to choosing from different flooring options because it is an expensive deal. There are so many things which you need to consider while choosing the flooring and here we will discuss some options that you can consider.

The six types of flooring options are highlighted below
·        Solid wood flooring: It offers natural warmth, stable and a uniform fit. The Salt Lake City hardwood floors have the ability to be refinished and sanded many times. It has wear resistance and offers an amazing look. Prefinished wooden floors come with a warranty from the factory and hold better than those types of woods that can be finished on site. It is a great long term investment and increases the value of your property. Per square foot cost is $5 to $10.
Cons – Solid wood contracts and expands because of the different humidity levels and it can dent as well. Some of the species of this type of wood can become discolored when exposed to sunlight. Unfinished flooring is cheaper than the prefinished one. It is not good for damp spaces and basements.
·        Engineered wood flooring: Engineered wood flooring is made of thin layers of wood that is sandwiched with adhesives. It has the ability to withstand high humidity levels. It doesn’t expand like solid wood flooring. A thin veneer of real wood or bamboo is placed over the structured plywood and therefore it is cost effective as well. A high quality engineered wood is very durable.  Per square foot price is $4 to $9.
Cons – Most of the engineered wood doesn’t wear and it can dent easily because of the differences in the wood species. The thickness level of veneer determines that engineered hardwood flooring can be refinished or not. Mostly, these can be refinished only once or twice. When it comes to refinishing the wood, check with the wood flooring Salt Lake City installer about the same.
·        Laminate flooring: It is constructed with a denser fiberboard and once you place a clear plastic protective layer under it, it can mimic anything. For a muffled sound, some use cork blacking beneath. It can resist scratching and discoloration from sunlight. It is robust stuff. Per foot cost is $3 to $7
Cons- The repetitive pattern doesn’t give a real look so if you mix planks then the pattern will look less repetitive. You can touch up minor flaws, but once the top layer of the flooring is worn out, you will have to replace it.
·        Vinyl Flooring: It is good for fending dents, scratches, discoloration from stains and sunlight. It is easy to install the tiles and planks and there are many choices available when it comes to choosing colors and designs.  The per square foot cost is $2 to $6
Cons- The top vinyl line costs as much or more than the best laminate floors and solid wood floors. The best brands can mimic the look of the tile, stone, and oak, but still, most of the good products look near to vinyl.
·        Linoleum flooring: It is made of linseed oil and wood products. It is a natural and resilient material. Today you can get it in various styles and colors. Per square foot size is $4 to $8.
Cons- depending on the product quality, the resistance towards scratches, dents and wear vary.
·        Porcelain tile flooring: The classic material has the ability to withstand moisture, scratches, dents, stains and wear and tear. Per square foot price is $8 to $15 and those products that can float, the per square foot price is, $5 to $8.
Cons- It is painful to install porcelain as a lot of work has to be done. The subfloor has to be smooth so you can set the tile in thinset and put the grout in the cracks. Grouts can stain and tiles can crack. It is best to hire a professional for installation. Replacing the cracked tiles is challenging as well.

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