Monday, March 25, 2019

How To Install an Indoor Putting Green

If you reside in cold regions, then you can understand that practicing golf in a cold area or during the winter season is so difficult. Winter months are hard to deal with and therefore a great idea is to build a practice putting green in your basement. The indoor putting green can be built anywhere in your house and it is ideal to practice golf. You just have to move with a little planning and motivation. So, following are some ways which will help you put in the putting green and you will learn about its benefits as well.

First: You should make a plan
You should measure your basement and then select an area where you would like the putting green and then measure the footprint of the putting green. You can choose it to be 6’x16’so that it can go almost the full length of your basement and it should be wide enough to put at least two holes on each end. You must base this measurement as per the standard length of the materials which you decide to buy and make sure to use every material in full form.

Second: You will need some tools and have to purchase some materials
The tools which you will need are safety goggles, power drill, 4.25” hole drill built and a circular saw. To make the best indoor putting green you will need materials like, 2" wood screws, 1" thick MDF which is a dense kind for the floor, for outer framing you will need 2" x 6"s, for inner framing support 2" x 4"s, Regulation golf cups or you can make use of PVC piping. You can use the putting green ½ inch or two strips of 3’x6’ of birdieball putting green. The finished size can be of somewhat 6 feet x 16 feet and the expensive thing here is BirdieBall putting green, you can reduce the cost by making a small putting green.

Step 3: Build a frame
Make use of 2”x6” to create the outer framing of your indoor putting green. Then make use of 2” x 4” to build the inside frame support. The areas where you want the golf holes to go should not be blocked when you add the inner framing. Add enough amount of inner support so there should be no weak areas in the flooring. You need to test this a few times by placing the flooring down at least once in a while so you can know about the areas that are weak.

Fourth: Add the flooring
Make use of the 1" thick MDF to make the flooring and drill it in the right place. If the inner framing is taller than your outside framing it will help you create the inset of your flooring and after insertion, you will have 1” lip that will stop the golf balls from rolling in the green.
Now you can put the Birdie Ball green on the top of the floor and make use of 4.25" hole drill so you can drill the cup holes in the platform for the putting green. The cutter for BirdieBall will help to cut the green.

Fifth: Add some finishing touches and enjoy
Once you are done with everything and things are proper at their places, then it’s time to print the logo of your putting green. Now, it’s time to practice golf at home, relax and hone your skills from scoring distances. In the winter months, you don’t have to stop playing golf. Simply, come to your new area of golf and enjoy the game. You will have everything in the comfort of your home. So, get ready and have fun.

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