Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Driveway You Crazy

When it comes to neglected aspects of our homes, many of us consider spaces like our bathrooms or garages. Some of us even consider our front gardens or our home exteriors. But, few of us think about our driveways. That’s scandalous when you consider that this is a significant area for neglect in the majority of households.

While most of us stipulate the need for on-site parking when we’re buying a property, we don’t spare much thought for it once we’ve moved. It should come as no surprise, then, that many of us find that our driveways soon...well, drive us crazy.

It may be that the space doesn’t suit your needs, or perhaps it’s the eyesore of your exteriors. Whatever the problem, you should tackle this as soon as it comes to your attention. Your driveway is, after all, as much a part of your house as anything. Given that it’s out front, you could say that it has a significant impact on passing impression.

Don’t let your driveway drag your house down, then. Instead, consider the following improvements.

Make more room

One car is rarely enough for a growing family. The chances are that you own at least two vehicles, not even considering when guests come around. Before you know, your driveway can become a vehicle-style Tetris. As well as making your life difficult, this is sure to create an eyesore. And, it has an easy enough solution. Expanding our driveways is often easier than we think. It may be that getting rid of that unnecessary garage is your best bet. Or, perhaps you want to extend your driveway into your front lawn a little. Aside from making your life a lot easier, moves like these can actually add value to your home. So, what are you waiting for?

Improve that surface

Many of us also neglect to maintain our driveways the way we would other areas of our homes. This both looks bad and does damage to our tires over time. If you keep landing with flats, for example, it’s a sure sign that your driveway needs a little improvement. With luck, this could mean merely grouting bricks or deweeding the surface. In extreme cases, a complete concrete resurfacing could be the best thing for it. As well as providing a sleek finish, this could save you money on car repairs in the long-run. It may seem like a hassle, then, but it’s a hassle worth taking.

Make things pretty

Elsewhere in the house, we focus on making everything look the part. For the most part, though, we leave our driveways blank and bland. It’s no wonder we often find them uninspiring. Of course, you can’t do much on your driveway itself without posing potential driving hazards. But, nothing is stopping you putting flower displays around those edges. Even opting for brick designs on your driveway itself could improve that aesthetic. Either option would make sure your driveway gave a first impression you could finally feel proud of.

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