Thursday, October 25, 2018

How to Add Value to Your Home

Part of our dream kitchen in our dream home. We've been here a year now!

A home is a lifetime investment, and as such, it should be improved upon as well as maintained throughout your life. The more you put into your home improvements, the more you can make back if you ever choose to sell. Not every renovation will make you your money back, after all, but the right ones can drastically increase your home’s overall value. The best part is that these designs allow you to take steps towards turning your house into your dream home. You just need to get started with the improvements that will add the most value, like these four below.

Add Another Room for Extra Value
The best way to add value to your home is to increase the number of bedrooms. More bedrooms appeal to bigger families, and bigger families pay more. You can convert your attic, add an extension, or renovate your basement. Similarly, adding another room to your ground floor for a home office, for example, can also be appealing to working professionals. In short, these upgrades that you make for yourself could be very attractive to future buyers and are therefore the best home investment you can make.

Renovate Key Areas in Your Home
If you don’t have space or money to add an entirely new room to your property, consider renovating instead. You do need to be careful, of course. Adding a hundred-thousand-dollar kitchen is not going to increase your home’s value by a hundred thousand dollars! You need to match your renovation projects with your current property. Put your efforts towards kitchen and bathroom renovations, however, and you can improve the quality of your lives in your home and your property’s value when you decide to sell.

Improve the Curb Appeal
Curb appeal should never be underestimated. Not only is it a critical component to the overall look and feel of your home, but great curb appeal can also help sell your property to potential buyers in an instance. If you aren’t looking to sell, bettering your exterior can instead improve the overall quality and value of your community, especially if others on your street follow suit. To start improving your property, you need to have a clear design idea. You could start with pebbledash removal and end with a front extension to bring more space and interest to your home’s design. Learn how to remove pebbledash, and any other project you want to commit to first. If you are unsure of the project, get a quote from a professional and start improving your curb appeal today.

Add Custom Storage  
A lack of storage can have any family feeling claustrophobic and wanting to move. Before you do so, consider adding custom storage. There is a lot of space lost vertically along walls and in closets that you can take advantage of. The better your storage solutions, the more you can organize your home and clear out the clutter. Do this, and you can make your home livable again.

Adding value to your home should be done with two things in mind. One, how much value it will add to your overall property, and two, how much value the renovation will add to your life. Renovate for yourself first, others second, and you will build your dream home in no time.

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