Thursday, March 7, 2019

Celebrating a Life Rather than Mourning a Death

When a friend or family member dies, you’re sure to feel sadness knowing they will no longer be physically present in your life. However, if that person was someone you shared many happy times with, they would probably prefer that you honor them with a celebration of their life and the good times you shared with them rather than mourn. The are many ways to celebrate the life and memories of someone special.

A Unique Celebration

If a traditional funeral is contradictory to the lifestyle your loved one lived, you might want to discuss alternative options such as those available at funeral home riverside il. Green funerals are becoming increasingly popular, especially among people who lived an eco-friendly lifestyle. Honor your loved one with a funeral that is compatible with their way of living.

Celebrate with an Everlasting Gift

Planting a tree in a location that holds special significance relating to the one who passed away is a great way to honor their life. Invite friends and family to the planting ceremony. Send everyone home with a seedling or small plant that they can plant at home as a tangible way to honor the deceased.

Plan a Release

Plan a celebration and ask the invited guests to bring something that the person you’re honoring gave them or something that reminds them of that person. Ask for photos to display on a table. Give everyone a chance to tell their story related to the good times they shared with the person being honored. At the end of the event, have some type of release. You can toss bird seed or wildflower seeds or blow bubbles and watch them soar toward heaven.

Honor the life of your loved one by hosting an event that looks like they planned it. Serve their favorite food, have their favorite music playing and show a video highlighting their unique personality and the exuberance they had for living. Keep the atmosphere lively, yet respectful. End the event with everyone sharing a happy memory.


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