Tuesday, August 20, 2019

5 Naturally Effective Ways to Fight against Depression

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Being depressed can be the most helpless situation you can be in. Depression is a disorder where a person loses all hope and ambition, feels lost, lacks energy, has low self-esteem, and feels sad most of the time. Depressed people mostly isolate themselves from everyone around them, and usually are by themselves. Depression can be caused if a person has been through a trauma, an emotional loss, has felt alone most of the time, or even due to improper functioning of the body.

Luckily, depression is not one of those problems which cannot be cured. With regular therapy, Depression & Relationship Counselling Services, and proper medication, you can fight against depression and leave the sadness behind. Along with the therapy and medication, your willpower and determination are also required. No amount of medication will work if you are not ready to overcome this problem.

Following are some of the natural techniques which you can apply in your day-to-day life to do your part in fighting against depression:

1.      Keep a gratitude journal: Being thankful for everything around you makes you appreciate the life you have. If you regularly thank people who stand beside you, or your therapist, or just be thankful to life in general, it helps you to see positive in every situation. If you cannot thank them in person, you can start by taking a small step; by making a gratitude journal. You should write at least 10 things every day about the things or people you are thankful for.


2.      Make short goals: I understand it can be difficult for you to take a leap. Taking a huge step can disappoint you, which can put you in misery once again. You should start by taking small steps and goals. For example, set a goal to go for a walk daily for a week, or going for a cup of coffee, or calling up an old friend. When you accomplish these small goals, you will feel positive and it will encourage you to take a bigger step.

3.      Detoxify your body: Being depressed has a lot to do with the toxins in your body. They do not let you think straight and pull you towards negativity. A cleansing diet will help you flush out these toxins. Not only will it help you to stay positive, but  also bring a glow on your face, help in cleansing your intestines, and bring your weight down.  

4.      Do what you love: You should try and indulge in things which make you very happy. You can pursue your favorite hobbies and the things you used to love as a child; be it painting, dancing, pottery, or reading. The main aim is for you to love and accept the child inside you so that your inner child can help you recover from depression.

5.      Be around people: This is probably going to be the hardest step towards battling depression. Being around people can be very terrifying for people who have isolated themselves for a long time. You can start by going for a coffee with your best friends, going over to a small get together or just wandering around at a crowded place.

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