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How to Live Healthy on a Budget in Las Vegas

You had a financial setback, and now you're forced to make another hole in your fiscal belt and tighten it. You can still enjoy your Las Vegas lifestyle. It only means that you'll need to be a tad frugal with your spending. You'll need to live within your means, save a lot more, maybe pay off any of your bad credit loans in Vegas and while you're at it, live healthier.  

There are many ways to live on a budget without necessarily putting yourself or your family out. Let's put it this way, you will have to do without certain luxuries for some time, but this move will pay off in the long run. For instance, you can cut down on gas if you own two or more cars by only using one, by carpooling or, better yet, catch the bus. Turn off lights in rooms that are not in use.

Living a healthy life on less income can be challenging. The reality of the matter is, going green is sometimes more expensive compared to other varieties available in the market. For example, a bag of organic detergent costs twice as much or maybe more compared to the price of your regular detergent! Here's the kicker: where there’s a will, there is a way. Only this time, you need to be realistic while approaching some of these suggestions.

How to Live Healthy on a Budget in Las Vegas:

Buy food that is versatile

You are, in a nutshell at a point in your life that you need to face your limits by knowing what's possible and practical. Having staple foods in your pantry not only increases your odds of ever going without a meal at any point but they are affordable too. They are also products that can be used as an accompaniment with other meals when you need to. Staples come in such a wide variety and loaded with essential nutrients such as protein that so many choices will spoil you.

Dried or canned beans: Cannellini, Garbanzo, Kidney, Black beans, and chickpeas are great examples of food to keep in your pantry. These are all versatile beans that you can make stews, soups and incorporate them in delicious warm or cold salads. Roast the chickpeas and you have a delicious snack. Make hummus as a spread or a dip. Chickpeas come in flour form too, to make wicked flatbread!

Enjoy restaurant-style meals at home

It’s time to stop dining out! One meal at a restaurant can afford you ingredients that you can try to recreate at home.

·        Pasta is cheap

Pasta dishes, for example, are simple to make and you know exactly what goes in it when you cook it yourself. Better yet, you can make an even healthier version of the dish. Give it a go.

·        Don't be wasteful

If you happen to go out, you can ask for your leftovers in a doggy bag. Freeze them for another day.

·        Bulk it up

Cooking in bulk is another way that you can save up. Plus, I always feel that meals taste even better when they are leftover.

Buy frozen or canned fruits and vegetables

These are just as healthy and nutritious as the fresh ones, only much cheaper and the best part is that they have a longer shelf life and keep well while frozen.

Look for sales

You do not have to pay full price for all your products. Supermarkets and health food stores mark down the prices at the end of the day so that they can move certain products faster, especially if they are perishables like fruits and vegetables. Look out for the end or mid-month sales on shelve products too. Always use the coupons that you find.

Buy what you need

Impulse buying, unfortunately, is a common thing. You set out to buy a few items on a budget, but you end up blowing it all on impulse. While shopping with your friends makes for exciting conversation and company, I have found out that you both may not be on a tight budget and an outside influence to buy more is always a possibility. Take my word for it; I have done it before, only to realize that I don’t necessarily need all the extras that I ended up buying.

Ditch the soft drinks and drink more water

Water is very beneficial to a healthy lifestyle because, it has no carbs, no fats or sugars. It’s great, mainly as a weight loss tool as it acts as an appetite suppressant. Plus, you save a whole lot by not buying those carbonated drinks, coffee, and alcohol that are full of calories. When you are dehydrated, it affects your digestive system, your skin, and your energy levels. Water is also a known cleanser. So why would you spend your money on any other drink?

Get Outside and Enjoy the Vegas Weather on a Low Budget

Exercising is one of the best ways that you can live healthier, and even better yet, on less income.

1. Stop paying for a gym membership

Remember when you used to spend an insane amount of money only to be indoors and running in the same spot on a treadmill? Alternatively, you drive to the nearest spa only to sit in an enclosed room, sweating up a storm, just so your pores can breathe? You can do all that, outside.

2. Get into a regimen

Start by walking to the bus. Have a jog around your neighborhood. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Make lifting weights out of sand buckets or better yet, use your kids as weights.

3. Ride your bike

That expensive bike that's been collecting dust in your garage take it out for a spin!

Stick to This Healthy Lifestyle Guide

Remember, you will not always be living on a budget. Circumstances change, and things turn around for the best. However, you can rest easy knowing that through it all, you managed to live a healthy happy life on less income.

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