Thursday, February 7, 2019

Happy 14th Birthday to Callie! + Leah Darrow + Callie's 12th and 13th Birthday Parties

So today is my daughter's 14th birthday! She is my third child and my first girl. I'm just now posting her 12th and 13th birthday party pictures! Today is ice with a coat of snow in the Midwest so I'm not sure what we're going to do to make today special for her (she wants chocolate chip waffles, which I can do!), but we'll think of something!

Her party is tomorrow night and she's still having girls-only parties. It's going to be a huge sleepover and she's very excited! Recently she and her sister split up their single bedroom into two so she has her own space to decorate. Callie has always been fashion-conscious and knows how to decorate, so she is loving customizing her space! She is a woman of virtue!


We went to the thrift store up the road from our old house and got a necklace for each guest for her 12th birthday party.

I snuck out to the bakery for macarons (NOT macaroons), something she has always been fascinated by.

I got a bunch of different fancy flavors and a swan … is that like an ├ęclair? My girl has always wanted to go to Paris.

Here are some of her friends plus her sister Eva.

Also in February 2017 the kids went to see Leah Darrow speak, former America's Top Model contestant and amazing Catholic woman!
Happy 13th birthday to Callie in our new house with her dad!

Callie's 13th birthday party friends!

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