Wednesday, November 22, 2023

POGO Pass for 50% Off!!!

Here's what I know:

This is an AMAZING GIFT for your own family, another family, anyone who is new to the area, grandchildren, and newlyweds. 

This is not just for kids!

Kids older than 12 often count as adults and the price of things goes up, but with POGO Pass, it's just one redemption no matter the age of the person using it. 

The app makes it so easy to keep track of everything you've already done!

Here's how to buy one if you're ready to roll$44.99 + tax through my site instead of $99.98 + tax just by going to my link!

So far this year (2022) we have been to the Jazz Museum, ROKC, Kansas City Zoo Boo at the Zoo, and the Beach at Lake Olathe, which would have cost $57 alone just for those 4 places. And we still have these 10 places left to go to before mid-summer 2023 (passes are good for one full year from redemption):

  1. Science City
  2. Powell Gardens
  3. Prairie Fire Museum
  4. 2 KC Mavericks games
  5. Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
  6. Black Bob Bay Waterpark
  7. UMKC sports events
  8. Northland Rolladium Skate Center
  9. Level Up
  10. Fort Osage National Historic Landmark

We probably won't go to Pump It Up, Wonderscope, Rainbow of the Heartland, or My Play Cafe because they are for younger kids, but then again ... maybe we will anyway or meet up with some friends with little kids. Why not? It's free (meaning included in our Pogo Pass!)!

Honestly, I'm not sure how many of these we would have been able to do anyway since our budget eats so much money and we don't have a lot left over to do costly things like this. Thanks to my mom, the kids are getting these for Christmas! I'm definitely buying my own as well, plus one for my husband.

Also check out 33 Things to do Indoors with Kids in Kansas City!

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