Sunday, December 16, 2018

Impress Your Guests: Tips for Delicious Party Food on a Budget

How many parties have you ever been to that later became the talk of the town? Well, if not the town, at least those parties were the envy of your close circle of friends. How would you like to host a party like that? Perhaps you ‘think’ you don’t have the funds to do it up right. Actually, you can impress your guests even on a budget, as limited as it might be. Try these tips for delicious party food that will fit literally any budget whatsoever.

Use What You Have for Starters

While you want to lay out a decorative spread, you really can’t afford all the special tablecloths and decorations you feel you need. Why not use what you have for starters? Perhaps you collect gadgets and kitchen tools because you love to cook. Pull out that lovely solid wood cutting board on which you can lay an assortment of finger foods which are quite cheap to prepare. That walnut wood cutting board would make even peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches look delectable, so put it to good use! Any serving spoons, dishes and dishes you’ve gathered would do quite nicely. Again, instead of worrying about buying decorations, spend that money on ingredients for the lovely food you’ll work up!

Finger Sandwiches for the New Age

Finger sandwiches were mentioned above, only half-jokingly. These were made quite popular during Victorian England and typically they were cucumber sandwiches served with tea. While most Americans today frown upon cucumber finger sandwiches without meat or cheese, you can get a couple of pounds of cold cuts and some rather inexpensive cheeses. Cut these in triangles, corner to corner and serve them up in grand style on a special plate or serving board.

Finger Foods Galore

Instead of going to the frozen food section in your local supermarket for all those expensive pre-made appetizers, look instead for frozen pie crust, filo dough or pastry dough. These you can take home and create amazing finger foods to your heart’s content. Have you ever had smoked wienies wrapped in filo and baked until golden brown? Perhaps you can chop up fresh mushrooms, add a bit of mozzarella, and wrap them in pockets of filo or pastry dough before baking. From miniature pies to pockets of meats and cheeses, you can create gourmet finger foods for just a few dollars!

Buy in Bulk

If you have a local restaurant supply store nearby, you can often find large bags of ingredients at much cheaper prices than in a grocery store. Instead of paying $5 for a 16-ounce bag of frozen strawberries, why not get a five-pound bag for just over $10 at a restaurant supply chain? As a general rule of thumb, the cost per ounce goes significantly down as the amount you buy goes up. This is the same for anything from frozen foods to dry goods, so shop wisely and you will have what it takes to go gourmet.

A Few Final Thoughts

As a final note, take the time to search the Web for interesting recipes you can easily prepare at home. The fewer items you buy pre-made or packaged, the lower your costs will be. You might need to start prepping and cooking your foods a day or two in advance, but many of the items you’ll be serving can easily be refrigerated to be brought out the day of your party. Also, remember that the prettier you make your presentation, the more appetizing your food will appear. Start with what you have and work up from there. It may not always be what you serve but how you serve it. That’s the bottom line.

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