Friday, November 2, 2018

How to Deal With DIY Construction and Renovation Waste

While not everything should be done the do-it-yourself way, there are definitely a few home projects you can do. If you’re handy with tools, construction and renovation are easy. But what about the waste? Can you do waste removal on your own?

The answer is easy, yes you can. There are a couple of ways you can clean up after yourself and that includes upcycling and donating. You can do these for items that can still be used and can be transformed into something useful. However, you will also require the assistance of a junk removal company.

What is a junk removal company?
Renovating and constructions often leave tons of clutter and garbage you have to deal with.

Junk removal businesses are those who help with decluttering services. These are different than your regular trash pick-up where you put your garbage in a bin and wait for the designated day the garbage truck will pass by. You can get these services when you have more trash and bigger junk.

Basically, you call a junk removal company to send at least two people to help you declutter. They would then gather all your junk and load them in their truck for proper waste disposal.

In a way, it’s like having your own personal garbage truck.

However, there is another kind of junk removal service and this one is another DIY. How this works is you call the company and they will send you a bin. You can fill it up yourself and simply call them when it’s full. They’ll whisk it away for you for proper waste disposal.

When it comes to hiring a company, it is best to work with professionals and companies that are licensed to do the work. This is because they could be handling dangerous waste materials and it is important that they know and have access to proper landfills.

How much does it cost?

The typical price can range from $100 to $500. This usually starts from the size of the junk you need to sell - starting from a minimum load to a maximum one, measured by truckloads.

You can also take into account the type of service you get and the company you hire. Some low-end companies and self-service can only cost you around $60. However, you’ll find yourself splurging $625 on high-end ones.

There are also different waste types and each one has designated prices.

For example, solid wastes or home clutters and garbage generally cost around $160. Meanwhile, hazardous wastes which include construction and remodeling materials are around $200. Other types of hazardous waste like chemicals are often calculated on a per-pound basis which ranges from $50-$100.

Now, it’s also likely you’ll decide to throw your old furniture or appliances away. You can also call your junk removal company for assistance. The price depends on the level of difficulty; for example, large furniture pieces will only start at around $80 while hot tubs will be priced at around $130.

Upcycling and donating
You can have your own yard sale with things you believe are still usable.

Most people tend to recycle their junk. It helps them save money while clearing their homes after a construction or renovation.

If you have an appliance that still works but you don't need it, you can actually find local nonprofit organizations that accept donations. Not only have you decluttered, but you have also helped others.

Selling them is also a choice. You can have your own yard sale, sell them online, or find resale organizations.

In Conclusion

It is possible that you’ll do all of these things especially when you have done a massive renovation or construction at home. So, how do you deal with your own DIY construction/renovation waste? Do you also recycle or have you donated things you had at your home?