Wednesday, September 5, 2018

4 Basic Rules to Make Your Life Worth Living

Every person loves to live a life that is free of tension, depression, anxiety, and worries. It is possible to live such a life that is worth living; then you must be the writer of your life. There shouldn’t be any interference other people in your life changing decisions because usually, people direct others in ways that they like and completely ignore the fact that how capable the other person is.

Maybe you pick a job just because you think it is safer, easier and less risky than the career you actually wanted to peruse. Worse than this is a scenario when you do a job or study a subject due to the pressure of your family. Having this attitude will lead you only from one paycheck to another paycheck, and you will fail to find true happiness and contentment. These are the bad decisions that we take by listening unnecessary advice from people around us who are might be not very successful in their lives but never stop giving their expert advice to ruin other people’s future.

In this article, we are going to share with you four rues that you can incorporate in your life to make it worth living. Keep them in and make them your priority in life.

1.  Never Let Other People Dictate You Your Life Goals

Your life is your responsibility, and you should try to take all the decisions about it. Your spouse, children, and even not your parents should be allowed to take charge of your life. You can obviously take advice from them but never put your last and final decision in front of them to get approval.

It is extremely important because no one can ever know what you want in your life, what are your dreams, your likeness, and dislikeness, etc. For instance, when you decorate your home, you may want to buy exterior roll down shades from, but people around you want you to buy an acrylic aquarium for living room decoration from In this situation, if you sacrifice your need with what that people like to see, then there is no fool like you on the planet. This is just a simple example, people actually give their life decisions, such as marriage, relationship, and profession decisions in the hands of other to play with them. At the end of the day, they all get busy with their lives, leaving you in a miserable condition. So, never do that to yourself and make a rule in your life that you are the final decision maker.

2.  Do Not Let Yourself Chained with Stuff

The world around us is filled with multiple things that we like and even love to the extent that we never want to leave them in any case. In this situation, a person is definitely not leading his own life, but the stuff is leading his life. You can evaluate this fact just by asking yourself a question that if there is a situation in which you have to give up almost around 90 percent of net worth, then will you be able to do that effortlessly. In answer to that, if you feel hesitation, then probably you are not leading your life and failed to drive yourself towards your dreams. Rather the stuff around you is leading your life dreams, and definitely, they are ruining them.

3.  Stop Money from Ruling You

Money is an important thing and acts as a resource to help you improve your life by removing discomforts. If you are in control of your life by fulfilling all the basic needs without temptation towards every new version of every product, then your life is in your control and not in control of money.

You can maintain this control on money to lead a happy and worthy life is by storing emergency funds for almost one year in your bank account. Other than this you can slow the rate of your excess in comparison to your monthly income. Moreover, you must be able to reduce your expenditure very easily if there is some emergency in which you cannot spend too much on yourself. If you can do all this, then definitely you are leading your life on your terms and not on the terms of money.

4.  Prioritize Yourself in Any Relationship

It is the most important thing to live a worthy life to prioritize yourself in every relationship. When you prioritize yourself, then it does not mean that you are selfish, but it means that you love yourself enough not to let other people ruin your mood and life in any way. If you sense that relationship is not working well and becoming a threat to your peace of mind, then you should immediately step back from such relationships.

Moreover, in any kind of relationship, you as a person comes first than anything else. It means that you are able to enjoy your relationship to its fullest, but at the same time, this particular relationship is not the only center of your life. Your purpose in life must be more important to you than that relationship. This is because relationships develop and break with life, and you can get I to next relationship easily if you keep your mind in balance. Life purposes cannot be developed and changed again and again, so they must be your prime focus in life.

By keeping in mind, the points mentioned above, you can lead a very well-balanced life that you can call worth living. It will be free of depression, anxiety, and tension because you are giving priority to yourself rather than material things and other people who continuously come and go in your life. A simple decision in your favor changes your whole life and a single bad decision that you take just to make someone happy can ruin your life. So, never take a risk when specially to comes to your career and marriage.

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