Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Why TV Is Surprisingly Good for You

Many people in the world think that television is something that you should avoid. They say that it
rots your brain, makes you lazy and there’s even the stereotype that if you watch too much television,
you turn a into bit of a couch potato that doesn’t do much except laze around at home. Of course,
those stereotypes are a bit exaggerated, but is there any truth to the idea that watching too much
television is considered bad for you?

There are, of course, always going to be a few concerns. Too much of anything is going to be bad for
you, but you’d be surprised at how much you could actually benefit from watching more TV on a
regular basis. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at a few reasons why TV is actually surprisingly good
for you.

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1. It helps to reduce your stress

TV is one of the best forms of entertainment for releasing stress. According to studies, media
consumption can actually help to lower your cortisol levels under certain conditions. Cortisol is
essentially our “fight-or-flight” hormone, meaning that it raises our stress and controls parts of the
brain that deal with our mood, motivation or fear. It’s essentially a stress hormone, and watching
TV actually helps to reduce it. While many other passive activities can help to reduce our stress,
TV is particularly good because of the types of entertainment we can get from it. From learning with
a documentary to just having a good laugh with a comedy show, TV has a variety of different ways
to help us reduce stress.

2. It’s inexpensive entertainment

TV is surprisingly inexpensive nowadays thanks to things like on-demand video services. Whether
it’s Amazon or Netflix, there are plenty of cheap ways to extend the number of programs available
and you get an almost unlimited choice. Get yourself something like a small smart TV device and
you can even extend your TV’s functionality to include YouTube and other web services. Even better,
if you look at services like NordVPN free, you can even remove the region block on things like Netflix
so you can watch all the of the shows it has to offer, including ones that are only available in different
regions! That’s plenty of cheap entertainment and is far less expensive than heading out for a movie
or something similar.

3. It helps educate you

Be it the news, documentaries or educational programmes, there are plenty of ways to learn and be
inspired when it comes to TV. It’s a surprisingly effective learning tool because we can watch and
listen to TV generally anywhere. We can record shows with the right equipment and even dramas and
films can help you teach you new things, uncover new passions or even inspire you to do something.
It’s a surprisingly underrated benefit that few people seem to understand, but it’s certainly an effect we
feel whenever we watch a show that is interesting to us and shakes up our brain a little.

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