Friday, August 3, 2018

Becoming Parents for the First Time – A Guide

Baby Samuel nursing and sleeping while I was working

When you actively decide to have a baby before you get pregnant, you have more opportunities to better your health, your finances, and your home before you even conceive. Regardless of whether you plan for the conception or not, however, there are a few steps you will need to take to ensure that both the mother and your new baby will be healthy and that you are ready for the new life you are bringing into your home:

How to Prepare Your Health Before You Get Pregnant
The best way to give your baby the best chance at life is to visit the doctor before you begin trying to conceive. A lot of health conditions and factors in your own body will determine the health of your baby, and it is wise to address these issues head-on first. This is particularly important if you have a chronic condition, both physical and mental, as the condition and even the medication you take can be dangerous to a growing baby. Some medication can even make it difficult to conceive at all. That is why it is always wise to go for a checkup before you take yourself off of birth control so that you can find the right alternatives to any medication you need, can address your mental health concerns and deal with health issues you may not have known about beforehand.

Doctor’s Health Checklist
Once you address these health concerns, it is time to create a health regimen to put your body in the best position to have a baby. Before you conceive, this will mean starting a series of prenatal vitamins so that you can improve your baby’s development and decrease the risk of your new baby developing any congenital disabilities.

Attend Birthing Class
For new mothers, attending a birthing class is very important. It can help you get through your pregnancy more calmly than trying to go into it without any prior knowledge. The birthing class can also help by teaching your partner about what they can do to help you. Always sign up and schedule this class so that you can finish it before your baby arrives. Though it is possible to have a premature birth, scheduling your birthing class to finish before your third trimester is usually a good time frame to aim for.

Getting the Baby’s Room Ready
The last step will be to create the baby’s room. It will mean stocking it up on supplies, finding furniture, and even decorating it. If you can, always choose for reusable and organic options, to ensure that your baby’s health stays a priority and that you can save as much money during this time as possible. This can even mean borrowing baby furniture from friends and family instead of getting your own. Put that money instead on quality items like the hybrid diapers offered on There’s no reason to spend thousands on a crib, but when it comes to items that will touch your baby directly, spare no expense.

It is also important to never forget the fun activities like a baby shower. Celebrate your new life, and get your friends and family involved, because there is nothing quite like having your own child and you deserve to celebrate this milestone in every way you can!

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