Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What Careers Could You Do Well In?

It’s a question on everyone’s mind, no matter how young or old they are. If you’re on the lookout for
a job, or you’re finding your current employment too much to handle, or you simply fancy a change
and want to go after it with a determined mind, you think about the kind of person you are and what
career would work best with your personality! You can even take a bunch of online quizzes in your
five minute break to see if the job you’ve got in mind seems a realistic choice to other people (despite
these quizzes holding no power over whether you’ll succeed or not…).

All in all, there are a lot of careers out there, and they’re not suited for everyone. So to make sure
you’ve got more of an informed decision on your side, let’s have a quick think about the kinds of
people suited to the most common/popular jobs out there.

If You’re an Extrovert

Of course personality is never as clear cut as extrovert or introvert, but that’s mostly the categories
we can cut different jobs into. But if you’re someone who has a lot of energy, and this only increases
the more and more you deal with people, you belong in this category. Similarly, if you’re someone who
likes to be outspoken and use your intelligence and all of your innate skills in your line of work, you
also belong here.

These kinds of people are suited to customer service and hospitality jobs, as well as working in the
public services. Usually you’ll find an extroverted person in the position of general manager for
whatever company they’re working for, or they’re working their way up to it. There’s also a strong case
to be made for doctors, nurses, and other hospital residents,  as extroverts often like to help people,
and that’s made easier than ever with an online FNP program you can find all across the web!

If You’re an Introvert

Introverts don’t have to be much different to extroverts; they simply gain and use their energy
differently, and they’re indispensable in the workplace because of the amount of focus they have.
So if you’re someone who likes to work in a more organized system, putting facts and data to good
use, mainly via a computer program, you could belong in this category.

You could do very well in the technological sector as a result, either developing software or writing
code. You could also do well in the teaching sector, especially in a mathematical or scientific subject,
giving you plenty of down time on the job as well as allowing you to focus as much as you need. All in
all, you could go very far with a job that puts your energy style to good use like this.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect job, keep suggestions like these in mind. But they don’t have to
matter too much in the long run if you’ve found something great already!

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