Friday, July 20, 2018

20+ Free Online Typing Games You Will Love

When trained correctly to type at an early age, typing can become the most effective tool for kids to communicate with their friends and family and work efficiently in the future. It is an incredible skill to attain and falls under the basic requirement of every profession as it is of use to everyone regardless of their age or profession. Knowing how to type makes work efficient and easy without consuming much time as would be the case if the world was still stuck in writing handwritten letters. These days’ parents have found touch typing games to be an effective teaching method.  If you are a parent looking for the best ones, look no further because we have already compiled the more than 20 school typing games;

Keyboard climber 2 is another favourite. It is for those kids who just get acquainted with alphabets and since there is no timer setting for this game the kids can proceed patiently according to the pace they feel comfortable with. 
Typing of the ghosts; As you can guess from the title, this one has ghosts in it that will keep haunting you till you press the right keys! And you need to do it quickly before the ghost gets to you because if they do, it’s game over for you! If you want your child type faster, this might just be your to-go!
Alpha munchies; If you miss playing Space Invaders, you are sure to love this one! All you have to do is attack the aliens before they attack you.
Dance mat typing is the most appropriate for those who want to get familiar with the skill of typing as soon as possible.  
Qwerty Warriors World helps you finish off your enemies with a spell.
Ninja Hunter has good and bad ninjas both and you have to stop the bad ones from spreading chaos by helping the good ones.
The bitter boss will teach you how to multitask along with typing!
Typing of the living dead is sure to take you to a zombie apocalypse scene.
Type rocket 60 is for all the astronaut and space lovers.
Desert typing racer will take you to a world of unlimited speed and plenty of spare space.
Meteor typing Blast is for all the spaceship lovers.
Spacebar Invaders is a realm of aliens and you have to find an escape.
Save the sailboat Race will have you save letters from drowning.
Outer space Fleet Commander has all the operations in the air
Martian City Defender is more or less like commando 2
Keyboard Revolution involves the most fun characters to play with!
The Frogs are off their dive is a nice reminiscence of crazy frog.
Keyboard Triathlon is the best one to test your skill level
Trick or Type is an easy way to get your kid typing as fast as he can!
Cup Staking is best for kindergarten kid as it involves recognition to win

All of the above are more or less the best games to enhance typing skills of your kid. You just need to go for the one which theme your child can connect to!