Saturday, June 2, 2018

Contigo Review Stainless Water Containers 16-ounce and 24-ounce

I have been meaning to post about this product for MONTHS. I actually thought I already had, and then found the post in draft mode. I was all excited to ADD to it ... because next week I'll be at day camp with my son and it'll be HOT and I'll be taking my two different sizes of Contigos and one will have iced tea for energy and one will have water. Both will be full of ice before I leave the house. The ice will stay ice all day long and I'll just keep adding water or tea to each container. I feel spoiled ... and hydrated. Woo hoo!

Okay, but what I was going to say in the first place is how much I have loved having it at coop. For one thing, I teach PE and my old water container would get knocked over by a ball a lot and it would spill all over the gym floor. Second, nothing I ever used would keep the water cold or keep my ice from melting, even in the winter. Finally, it was hard to find something that would fit in my drink holders in my van just right. Wait, the finally is that it's stainless steel, and I hear that's better for you than drinking out of plastic. I don't really care but a lot of people do.

The other 6 days of the week during the school year, it's still great to have these containers. My kids still drink out of my cups when we're on the go, so I always keep them full of ice and then when they deplete one we just grab from our stash of bottled waters and refill!

So I heard about this on a homeschool podcast (she was talking about her travel mug with handle) and I actually bought it online while I was in the tub last winter. No joke. Too much information? Oh, the times we live in ... we get to shop while taking a bath and two days later a lovely product that will help us stay healthy arrives on our doorstep.

This is my little one for coffee or iced tea. I think it's the 16-ounce one.

This is the one I use for water, and it's 24 ounces.

I've knocked it over and it's never spilled, but just in case you can use the lock feature.

You just hold this long black button when you want a drink and it releases the seal.

*I might get a few cents if you click the link and purchase this product. I posted about it because I like this product and wanted to share my love of it, thinking it might make your life easier like it has mine. I seem to be posting about products more than usual lately, and nobody is asking me to. I just seem to find a moment here or there to actually get it done!