Friday, June 1, 2018

6 Tips on Building Self-Esteem in your Child

We gave Callie the choice to explore her talents recently, and she chose to participate in a huge musical theater production. It was a lot of hard work and responsibility and she rocked it like a shining star!

Building your child’s self-esteem is very important. A healthy self –esteemed child feels confident, proud of himself, valuable, appreciated and in general he’s a happy child. A low esteemed child on the other hand, will hate himself, feels that he is not good at anything, have fear to express himself to others, feel insecure and will always be sad.  This can have effects on both his performance in school and also his future.

Children are not born with confidence, they develop it with time. So it is your duty as a parent to ensure your kid will have a healthy self-esteem.

1.      Do not compare your children
No children that are the same in any way. So don’t make a mistake of comparing your child with his brother, sister or with any other child for that matter. Treat and have time to understand each of your child individually. Comparing him with others will make him feel as an inferior and especially on a negative note.  Encourage him instead to be better.

2.      Step back
It’s always good to step back and let your child do some of his things for himself. However it is advisable you first show them how they’re done before leaving them to try them out on their own. For example, let him learn to dress himself or even tie his shoelaces by doing it. In most cases he won’t do it the right way on the first time, but with time he’ll be perfect and know he can in deed do it.

3.      Make them work
Give your child some responsibility and again don’t help him out. Let him have goals on how to go about it. This will empower them by the time they finish they will feel good about themselves to know you can count on them for such tasks. Learn how to get your kids up and moving on Mobilityguardian.Com.

4.      Give them choices
Let your children make some decision on what they want depending on their age. For example you can let your 4 year old choose whether he’ll take toast or cereals for the breakfast. 

5.      Explore and encourage their talents
Know what your child performs better and have more interest with. Encourage them to continue and offer them your support. E.g. pay for their training if they will require it and always let them know you’re happy and proud about it.

6.      Let them know you love them unconditionally
Assure your child of your love towards him/her. If they happen to make a mistake that gets you very irritated with them, you can just get out of their sight for some time to avoid reacting in a way that will affect their feelings. If you have to punish, let them know you love them but you dislike their actions.

Make a choice as a parent to improve your child’s confidence and he’ll grow up a happy and healthy kid. Praise him appropriately but don’t overdo it. Do not forget you are his role model. Be the best mom/daddy and make your kids proud of you as you also become proud of them.