Wednesday, May 2, 2018

5 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Needle Shots

Needle shots can be a frightening experience for young children. The pain that a child has to endure during a vaccination shot is unbearable for him/her. Until the time there is a painless alternative for needle vaccinations, you will need to get your child vaccinated so that his/her body can fight against diseases. You may not be able to reduce the pain during a shot, but you can prepare your child in advance so that he/she can sustain the pain inflicted from experience. That said, here are a few tips to support your child when he is ready for his next shot at the doctor.

Be Honest

Many parents do not discuss the truth with their children, which can bring up a negative consequence. Lying to your child will only complicate things by lowering your child’s trust in you. Instead, you should tell him/her honestly about vaccinations and the reason behind their use. In addition, you can tell your kid that it will hurt but only for a couple of seconds. Do not forget to stay positive in front of them to relieve them of the fear.

Do not reveal in advance

Many parents make the mistake of letting their kids know in advance about an upcoming shot. If you reveal it too early, then there is a possibility that the child may stay nervous and scared the whole time before the vaccination appointment. On the contrary, you should tell them only if they ask themselves. It is better to hide until the last moment than lying.

Keep a check for side effects

Do not merely get your child vaccination and leave the place. It is always prudent to inquire about the type of vaccination and the possible reactions that may affect your child. Some vaccinations have a moderate impact on the kid, which can include swelling, fatigue, headaches, etc. Be sure to learn about all these effects and possible ways to prevent them. Moreover, it is essential that the doctor use a sterilized needle every time. View Story to learn about such a case of irresponsibility.

Distract them while they are taking the shot

During the needle shot, you can use various ways to keep your kid distracted. You can tell him/her a joke, make a funny face, or bring their favorite toy along. Besides these methods, doctors may sometimes apply an anesthetic ointment over the skin that numbs it for 10-15 minutes. You may ask the medical practitioner to use such cream that may help prevent the pain to the child.

Reward your child

Many a time, you can manage your child after vaccination by rewarding him/her with a candy or a toy to relieve his/her pain. This special incentive is a way to admire his/her act of bravery and helps him/her to consider such vaccinations positively. Furthermore, you can promise your kid for a special treat after he/she gets the needle vaccination.

A child is naïve and may not understand the importance of vaccination at such a young age. Thus, you may have to try some of the above techniques to keep them motivated for such medical procedures.

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