Monday, April 16, 2018

How to teach your kids to make healthy choices

It can be tough to teach your kids to make healthy choices in all areas of their lives, especially if you do not want to be known as a pushy parent. However, it is vital that you make your kids aware of how their diet and lifestyle choices could be impacting their health both now, and in the future. From encouraging your little ones to get up and be active to supporting your kids in the food and diet choices that they make, as a parent it is crucial that you are there to provide guidance and help to keep your kids in the best of health. However, a few sweet treats are allowed from time to time!

Be a good role model

Remember that your kids will learn from example, so if you have been letting your own diet and healthy food choices slip recently, then it could be time for you to make a change for the better also. If you usually enjoy a glass of wine with your evening meal, then try replacing this with a freshly squeezed juice that the entire family can enjoy. If you are a smoker, you could try cutting down and replacing your cigarettes with an e-cigarette such as this brand for example. Your children will soon pick up on your new healthy choices and will be much more likely to follow a better lifestyle themselves too.

Get moving

If your kids are real couch potatoes who hate any form of exercise, then it is up to you to help keep your entire family motivated and inspired to get moving. From enjoying a family hike or bike ride to visiting your local swimming pool, you can still make exercise fun rather than a chore. Plus your new healthy habits will benefit your entire family also! Your kids should still be allowed to enjoy some time with their tech, but make sure that this is a treat rather than a regular occurrence.

Improved eating

Finally, if your kids are self-confessed fussy eaters who throw a tantrum at the thought of having to eat vegetables, you can still encourage them to rethink their food choices. Encourage your kids to get involved in the kitchen and make sure that they understand where the food that they eat comes from. If you grow your own vegetables or fruit, then why not get your little ones involved in the entire garden to table process, from sowing the seedlings right up to cooking and preparing delicious family meals? Once your kids begin to have contact with food and raw ingredients, they will be more tempted to try new things and experiment more with flavors.

If your kids continue to make poor diet and lifestyle choices, then it is up to you as a parent to help encourage them to get active and healthy. Make sure that you are a positive role model for your kids to learn from and be sure to encourage your entire family to get up and active together. Invite your kids into the kitchen, and you will all begin to improve your relationship with food.