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Great Tips for Parenting and ADHD

A child suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD) might be quite difficult to parent. These children are normally in a constant state of activity and may have trouble understanding important directions. 

Such a kid may be a challenge to his/her parents. In fact, the parents may have to change their home lifestyle a bit to help the child. Here are some important things that you can do to help a child suffering from ADHD/ADD. 

Organize your home schedule

Make sure that you set up specific times for waking up, brushing your teeth, washing, eating, playing, doing the house chores, doing homework, playing video games, watching TV, and going to bed. Write this schedule on a piece of paper and hang it where your child can see it. If your kid cannot read as yet, you may use symbols or drawings to show the activities to your child. If there are any changes, you should inform the kid in advance. Make sure the child understands such changes. 

Set up house rules

Make the behavior rules short, simple, and clear. Make sure that you explain these rules clearly. Let your child know what happens when he or she obeys the rules and when the rules are broken. Write down the rules and the results of not following these rules. This list should be hung next to the schedule. The punishment needs to be fair, quick, and consistent at all times. 

Be positive

Tell the kid what you want from him or her rather than what you don't want. Make sure to reward the child for regular good behavior such as closing the doors quietly or getting dressed. In fact, a kid who is suffering from ADHD is mostly told what he or she is doing wrong. Hence, they should be praised for good behavior.  

Make sure that your directions are understood properly

Get the attention of the kid and look directly into his/her eyes. Tell him/her what you want in a clear and calm voice. Let him/her repeat the directions back to you. Keep the direction short and simple. If the task is difficult, give only one or two directions at a time. Make sure to congratulate the kid when he/she completes each step. 

Be consistent

Make sure to promise only what you can deliver. Do what you say you are going to do. Repeating the directions many times may not work well. When the child breaks a rule, warm him/her only once in a quiet tone. If the warning isn't going to work, you have to follow through with the punishment that you promised. Avoid physical punishments since they will worsen the matter.

Let someone watch your kid at all times

Kids suffering from ADHD need more adult supervision compared to other kids since they are quite impulsive. Make sure to supervise the child all day long. 

Watch the kid when he/she is with his/her friends

A child with ADHD may find it difficult to learn social skills and rules. The playmates of your child should have similar physical and language skills. Invite one or two friends at a time. Watch them closely while they play with your child. Don't allow them to hit, push, or yell in your yard or house. 

Assistance with social activities

School mornings might be difficult for children who are suffering from ADHD. Get the schoolbag ready and lay out the school clothes the night before. Allow enough time for your kid to get dressed and eat a good breakfast. You should give him/her enough time in the morning to eat and get dressed if he/she is really slow. 

Setting up a homework routine

Use a regular place for the homework. It should be away from any distractions such as video games, other people, or TV. Divide the time into small parts such as giving the kid a snack after school hours and letting him play for a few minutes before starting the homework. Stop for short fun breaks while doing the homework. Give the kid a lot of encouragement when doing homework. 

Make sure you focus on effort and not grades

Reward the kid when he/she finishes the school work and not for grades. You can give extra rewards if the child has earned better grades.

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