Monday, April 16, 2018

Get More Space Out Of Your Home

Between the stuff you’ve collected from a lifetime of retail therapy and the kids you’ve accumulated,
you may have noticed your home has started to feel a little more, how do we say, compact. It may
have even got to the stage where you’ve thought about moving to a bigger house just to enjoy a little
bit of breathing space again.

But what if there were some easier solutions than upping sticks?

Mmm hmmm. Pop your head into any interior designer’s office and they’ll tell you that being smarter
with your space is the best way to make your home feel a dollop larger - big enough to cope with
your hoarding problem and growing brood.

Read on for our favorite ways to increase the living space in your home and hold off that need to

1. Multifunctional Rooms Are Essential
When space is not the luxury it once was, you need to dismiss the idea of having separate rooms
for everything and embrace the modern trend of multifunctional rooms. That could mean having a
kitchen diner to create space for a living room, or integrating your home office into the corner of your
bedroom. Anything that will free-up a pinch of extra space.

2. Look For The Dead Space
Every home is full of dead spots that are just gagging to be transformed into clever storage options.
Seriously. You’ll be flabbergasted by just how many parts of your home are suitable for this. The
space under your stairs, the walls either side of a door (and the space above the door), beneath your
windows - so many spaces.

3. Give Wasted Spaces A Reason
If you were to take a speedy stroll around your home, you’ll stumble across loads of wasted areas
that need repurposing. Your damp basement could become somewhere special with a
unique waterproofing system, your attic could become a bedroom with some added insulation
and your landings could be a storage goldmine with the addition of some bespoke cabinets. They’re
all simple solutions that will give your home tons of extra space.

4. Get In The Garden
When space is limited in your home, don’t undervalue the importance of your garden. It’s one of
the best ways of liberating some of that breathing space you crave. Sheds, summerhouses, storage
boxes, bike stores - anything like this can quickly become the solution for your cluttered home.

5. Spare Rooms Are Overrated
Spare rooms are all good and well if you are constantly fending off different guests, but if you only
have people pop by three weekends a year then you are far better off changing the sofa in your
living room for a sofa bed. Not only will this free up an entire room in your home to be used for
something more practical, you’ll also be able to surprise your guests with how comfy sofa beds
have become in the past few years. They’re incredible.

Space, it’s already in your house. You just need to know where to look for it, how to use it and then
start to enjoy it. That’s all.

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