Friday, February 2, 2018

You Must Try Jackson Cafe in Paola, Kansas!

Disclaimer: I want you to know I was not compensated in any way for this post. I received nothing in return but good food and a good time. I just like to write about places and things I love and can't wait to get back to!

A few weeks ago my amazing husband and I somehow found ourselves alone on a Saturday. Our three youngest kids were with our old neighbors spending the night and we had just dropped our teen sons off for a homeschool co-op birthday party for two of their friends who live in Paola. We looked at each other like, "So what do we do now that we are alone?!"

We set out for downtown Paola to hit a grocery store and a hardware store and find some lunch. We found Jackson Café and now can't wait to go back! Here are some photos of our adventure.

They also sell this cool coffee soap at Jackson Café!

After checking out downtown Paola, we looked at each other like, dang, I wish Peculiar had something like this! It even has a neat outdoor square like on Gilmore Girls!

My man ... in October we will celebrate 20 years of marriage and in July we celebrate 23 years of knowing each other. I still like him, especially when he buys me food and coffee.

Follow Jackson Café and don't forget to go there to try some grub and coffee!

This is where we sat and ate. That door leads to the 55+ apartments above that have been entirely remodeled.

A room off to the side for meetings, parties, etc.

If you don't have Valentine's Day plans, head here! (Catholics, did you hear this year we have to abstain from red meat on Valentine's Day? What a rip!)

My coffee for the day. Oh so good and made with almond milk.

My lunch, a lovely wrap

Aron's lunch. Croissant sandwich!

Two lovely pieces of quiche courtesy of the owner ... both were AMAZING, like beyond yummy and highly recommended.

Just for fun, one of the apartments above the restaurant that you can rent out ... if you're a little older. Really nice places.

The outside of the building Jackson Café is in ... so if you're driving by you have to check it out!

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