Friday, February 16, 2018

4 of the Best Flexible Careers For Working Parents

If you are a parent that wants to go back to work, or is already a working parent, then you’ll know of the struggle that working and running a home and family can be. It is a big juggling act for sure and you need to be organized. It can get easier as children get older and become more independent. But until then, it is all about figuring out the right work and life balance. But what are the best jobs for a parent to have?

Of course, one that pays the bills is needed, as well as some flexibility. Being able to juggle everything can be easier when there is flexibility with start times and even the chance to work from home from time to time, or even full-time. So if you’re thinking of changing career or want to get back into the workplace after having children, then here are some of the best careers for parents. Do any of them appeal to you?

Public Relations

If you have some experience of advertising, marketing, or journalism, then working in public relations could be a good idea for you. It can mean some working from home, and many PR firms do offer flexibility with working. You will work on a campaign basis too, so you can work your schedule around campaigns and deadlines. It can be a pretty lucrative career, as well as offering creativity.

Courier or Driver

With so much of what we do online, there is more and more demand for couriers and delivery drivers; even taxi drivers themselves. Places like Uber and Amazon Flex all have the opportunity to sign up to work at the times that you want to. So you could work it around your partner’s shifts or only work evenings or when the kids are in school. If you’re fine with working alone and like to have complete control on what you earn, then this could work for you.

Social Work

In the world that we live in, there is more and more demand for social workers. Whether that be for families or individuals with disabilities, there is a range of social work careers that can offer complete flexibility, as it is often needed around the clock. Some experience or qualifications are needed ideally, so it could be worth looking at doing an online master of social work course if you haven’t been in education since doing a bachelor’s degree. The work is regular and the money can be a really good.


If you want a career that does offer regular work and plenty of flexibility, then nursing (or any medical profession for that matter), could be for you. People need nurses and medical staff all day, every day, so there will be plenty of chance for working the hours that work around your family. Not to mention the opportunity to train and develop in the career is very possible (though it could mean going back to school beforehand to get qualified as a registered nurse).