Wednesday, February 28, 2018

10 Mother’s Day Traditions to Try This Year

Ah, it’s time for my favorite holiday: Mother’s Day! I always feel relaxed and pampered on this one day of the year, and I definitely milk it and enjoy it. Some moms prefer to get a break from caring for their children on this one day, choosing to hit a day spa or go to a movie or restaurant alone. Some moms, like me, definitely would rather be around their kids the whole day, no matter what kind of chaos that brings!

In my house, Mother’s Day usually means my husband makes breakfast (but he does that every Sunday anyway; isn’t that great?), then we go to Mass as a family. This year is going to be extra great because we have moved to the country (our longtime dream!), and we also switched churches, so all our homeschooling friends are there to visit with after the service.

Do you need some ideas for Mother’s Day? Here are some ideas for traditions you might like to start in your house this year — or any year!

Shower mom with flowers. Flowers are a favorite – and very easy – way to make a mom feel special. My very favorite flower is Lily of the Valley because it reminds me of my own mother. One year, at our previous home, my husband planted some in front of our house, and they bloom every year as a reminder of what he did for me on Mother’s Day. Consider hitting the local florist for a bigger bouquet in a colorful vase.

Plant something in her honor. Maybe a tree for the yard or just a plant in a pot that she’ll walk by every day. If Mom does not have a green thumb, consider purchasing a pretty hanging basket for the deck or front porch. They are super easy to water and the flowers are amazing. A potted flowering plant or hanging basket of petunias would be low-maintenance and long-lasting.

Letter know how you feel. Moms love the handmade notes and cards from their kids on Mother’s Day. Leave some construction paper and colored pencils, crayons and glitter glue on a table and see what happens.

Eat your heart out. What’s Mother’s Day without breakfast in bed? It doesn’t have to be fancy; it can be as easy as store-bought donuts and orange juice or as extensive as biscuits and gravy with fresh fruit and coffee. The point is Mom will know she is being thought of and cared for like she cares for everyone else every other day of the year. I can tell you from personal experience that moms love a break from cooking! So why not treat her to dinner out or order in?

Pack it up. Consider packing up a meal and going on a picnic in a park. The kids get some play time and Mom can either get in on the action or relax on a blanket with a book, hopefully soaking up some sunshine!

Picture perfect. Find a fabulous photo of mother and child and buy or make a cool frame. On Mother’s Day, make sure more pictures are being taken of that special duo to be treasured always. Then, consider putting together a small scrapbook to enjoy for years to come.

Basket case! Put together a basket of her favorite things. Ideas include a favorite candy bar, a candle, a gift card, homemade coupons for special hugs and favors, the sky is the limit! Just make sure to pick things out that Mom would like.

Spend time together. I want to throttle those coaches who schedule baseball games or Team Picture Day on Mother’s Day … don’t they know who they are dealing with?! Try to boycott any activities that are not mother-child related. Even watching a favorite or new movie in the evening while snuggled up together eating popcorn is bonding time!

Think of other moms, grandmothers, aunts, friends, neighbors. Spend some time the week before with your kids making cards for other moms you know … and moms who are like mother figures but who might not have kids of their own. Doing nice things for others is what being a mom is all about … and what a great lesson for your kids!

Take the kids to the park or out to eat for a few hours (or maybe over to Grandma’s house so she can get a sweet Mother’s Day surprise as well!) so Mom can get in a lovely bath and nap or maybe read a book alone for a while.

Mother’s Day is just one day each year, and moms deserve to be showered with love and to be treated special all day long. Of all days, they should be able to take TODAY off, which means no housework! Let Mom close her eyes as she walks by the sink full of dishes, hold her nose as she strolls by the laundry hamper. In anticipation of this holiday, Mom should make sure she has paper plates and cups on hand for when her family serves her like the queen she is. The rule is they have to sit back and let themselves be celebrated!

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