Wednesday, January 31, 2018

10 Terrifying Creatures That Still Exist Today

While the days of giant centipedes and raptors are long gone, you don’t need to go back in time to witness some truly frightening monsters. Whether it be in the darkest depths of the ocean, in the lush jungle or right under your bed, they lurk among us, and some of them are not very friendly.
These creatures are beyond your brain’s best attempts at a nightmare and they’ll make you think twice about stepping foot outside your door. But worry not, as most of them are far from your home. Unless you live in Australia of course. In that case, good luck.

Japanese Giant Hornet

Hailing from the land of the rising sun is one of the nastiest flying insects you can ever hope to never come across. A hornet the size of your hand is proof that mother nature simply doesn’t prioritize humans. It’s sting injects a venom that’s strong enough to dissolve human tissue as well.

Coconut Crab

It looks like a spider, lives up to 60 years, weighs 8 pounds, can be 39 inches in length and has pinchers strong enough to crush a human skull. There, now you’ll never want to lay your head down at the beach again. For more information on this abomination, check out Midday Daily’s article.

Goliath Birdeater Spider

It’s a spider big enough to eat birds. That should already give a good indication of how big it is. In case you’re still not sure, that’s bigger than a dinner plate. Its hairy as well. Imagine stepping on one...


Unless you’re Aquaman, you won’t have to worry about this nightmarish fish tearing up your flesh anytime soon. It does look really, really ugly though.

Lamprey Eel

Now slippery eels are creepy enough, but how about one that clings onto your skin with its concentric teeth and feeds on you? This eel-crossed-leech hybrid has one of the nastiest mouths you’ll ever see.

Raspberry Crazy Ant

These little suckers live up to their name by not only eating raspberries, but also running towards electrical circuits, swarming them and essential committing suicide in the process. Their erratic movements are sure to give anyone a fright when they’re all swarmed together.


When it comes to parasites, this should be the last one on your wish list. The fly deposits it’s eggs under your skin until they grow to about the size of your finger. Then, the larvae use the pores on your skin as breathing holes, waiting to be pulled out by a doctor. Wonderful.

Gliding Snake

Normal snakes inhibit more fear than most can handle. But how about one that can fling itself off the end of a branch and fly onto your head?


While this feathered little fellow may look cute, he packs a punch like no other bird. They can take their prey, which ranges from anything as simple as a bug to a full-blown lizard and drops them onto barbed wire, spikes, thorns or anything that will impale them.

Mexican Redknee Tarantula

This gnarly looking arachnid takes the spider fear factor up a notch by being able to fling its hairs towards whatever it’s aiming at. That includes not only your skin, but your eyes as well. 

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