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Make Extra Money For The Holiday Season With These Apps

The McKids, Christmas 2013

We are living in the mobile age, and from useful tools to photo editing to generating extra income there really is an app for everything. Given that we carry our smartphones with us everywhere including the bathroom for some, why not make use of them in your down-time to earn a bit extra every month? Although you're not going to get rich quick there is money to be made usually in the form of cash or vouchers and there’s a huge variety of methods to chose from such as blogging, online trading, freelance writing to name a few, read on to hear about some more in detail...

Survey and Task-based Apps
Surveys are a staple of armchair income, allowing you to use the web and complete questionnaires for prizes. Now you can use your smartphone both to survey form your browser, or directly through mobile apps. Next time you’re on your lengthy commute, why not keep your mind stimulated with questions to compile points for cash? Here’s a rundown of the top picks in survey apps.
  • Swagbucks is a mainstay for iOS and Android survey users, offering points for completing surveys and polls, watching advertorials, shopping, playing games and more. You can earn points from referrals and there are multiple rewards and bonuses to be won. You typically earn 50 cents (70 Swagbucks) per survey.
  • i-Say is a popular app system which offers you points for finishing surveys. With prizes of up to $13 in Amazon vouchers typically won a month, you can earn between 7 cents and $2.30 for a single survey.
  • Qustodian is a great little app that allows you to earn money by viewing adverts. Simply download the app and create a profile of your interests; Qustodian then forward you adverts to watch and questions to answer. It pays both via PayPal and direct to your bank account in multiples of $13.
  • Google Opinion Rewards. This one is more restricted, but if you are using an Android device, here you can earn Google Play credit for answering simple weekly questions. Surveys are very short and sweet, with the equivalent of 8-80 cents earned per answer.
  • Toluna is another app for taking surveys. It features a healthy community of users and a rewards scheme that offers some 15 points per one-question task. With a range of gift cards and sweepstakes, you can slowly earn money over time, with a $46 PayPal voucher costing 185,000 points.

Selling on the go in now so much easier; from eBay to Gumtree, there are innumerable apps that allow you to compile and sell your unneeded belongings online as you commute or lounge at home. Local Facebook groups and the app-based Facebook Marketplace, however, really allow you to make the most of your second-hand items. With no fees, you get all the profits where other apps take a slice of both your sale and p&p.

Market Research
  • Field Agent is a unique app which allows you to mystery shop from your smartphone. By completing short tasks such as checking stock availability online, you can earn up to $7 on the go in one task. The mystery shopper feature also allows you to experience and rate anything from products to pubs for free! It is competitive of course, but if you enjoy the idea of being a "secret" agent, it's worth signing up in case big tasks — and big rewards — come up.
  • Streetspotr is an app that pays you for market research, or "treasure hunts". The tasks pay roughly $7 each and involve everything from photographing supermarket displays to checking menus in cafes or restaurants. If you are already out walking the high street, simply load up the app for a chance to earn rewards.
  • Task 360 is another research task app, allowing you to help companies solve logistical problems - from informing sat nav companies about new road directions, to checking if a public poster advertisement is viewable. It pays about $7-$13 for 15 minutes recon work and is best accessed before 9am

Job Spotting

Job Spotter is another unique in-app experience for earning extra money. Launched by job site Indeed, it rewards you for taking pictures of job vacancies you see in windows along your commute. They pay you in Amazon vouchers rather than cash, but it all adds up!

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