Saturday, July 1, 2017

5 Ways to Conceal Skin Complaints

People across the world are living with different skin conditions that affect their confidence. Instead of allowing a skin disorder to take control of your life, there are things you can do to hide the appearance of blemishes, rashes or scarring. Check out five ways to conceal skin complaints.
1.      Concealer
If it isn’t already, a high-quality concealer may soon become your best friend. It’s one of the best ways to achieve flawless looking skin, hiding any blemishes, redness or scars to help you both look and feel beautiful. All you need to do is blend the correct shade into your skin to gain a complexion that will make you stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons.
2.      Acne Treatments
Acne is a hormone and stress-related skin condition that can make a person feel self-conscious during a breakout. Unfortunately, even when acne does disappear, it can often leave acne scars that will dent a person’s confidence even further. It might be music to your ears to learn there are products available to help prevent or reduce scarring, such as face creams, natural supplements and a moisturizing bar. If you have new acne scars, try to keep them out of the sun, as it can prevent or slow down the healing process.
3.      Camouflage Your Skin with Makeup
Many people across the world are living with vitiligo, which offers visible skin pigmentations. One way to conceal the condition is with makeup, as you can apply a matching foundation to create the appearance of an even skin tone. If you are living with the condition, you can discuss makeup options with a beautician/makeup artist to find the right shade to complement your skin. However, vitiligo can allow you to express your individuality. For example, model Winnie Harlow has embraced her skin condition to become one of the most recognizable faces in the fashion industry.
4.      Skin Lightening Treatments
Most people associate age spots with aging, despite the fact they aren’t associated with growing old at all. These brown spots are often caused by sun exposure. Unfortunately, many people can become self-conscious about the brown pigmentations, which can often appear on the face, hands, arms and shoulders.
Instead of allowing the pigmentation to damage your confidence, you can apply a skin lightening treatment to create an even skin tone. There are numerous lotions, body milks, capsules and exfoliation soaps to help you reduce the appearance of age spots, blemishes and skin discoloration.
5.      A Cool Compress
Do you regularly look in the mirror to find dark rings under the eyes staring back at you? They can create the appearance of sleep deprivation, even if you have enjoyed plenty of shut-eye. The first thing you should do is discuss the issue with your doctor, as the dark circles could be caused by an allergy.
If not, a concealer can be a great option, or, alternatively, one of the most effective ways to banish dark circles is with a cool compress placed under your eyes. You could also apply a cream that contains either cortisone or caffeine, which can shrink the blood vessels to reduce the dark rings. 

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