Friday, June 30, 2017

Estories and Swagbucks Partner Up to Bring You an Amazing Deal! #audiobooks

*Personal note: I love estories! This deal is cheaper than Audible and that's why I signed up with estories in the first place. They have all the choices of Audible but at a cheaper price. I love audiobooks for when I'm walking or driving or sitting and watching my kidlet play soccer.

If you're looking for a deal on audiobooks, there's an estories offer through Swagbucks where you get up to 2000 SB  for paying $5.99/month for your first three months, which is 50% their normal rate. You get 800 SB when you sign up, and once your third monthly payment of $5.99, you get an additional 1200 SB. You can use estories to easily stream or download stories to your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac. I know this is a great deal because I have been using estories for 3 months now and have 3 great reads loaded onto my phone.

So even if you only try it for the first month, you still make money on the offer, since you're spending $5.99 and your get 800 SB (equivalent to $8). Plus, if you're also signing up for Swagbucks through this offer, you'll earn an additional 300 SB bonus paid out at the beginning of next month. Just click here to take advantage of this offer!

Haven't tried Swagbucks yet? They're a site where you earn points (called SB) for doing things like online shopping, watching videos, taking surveys, and discovering deals and services you might like to try (like Hulu!). You then take those points and turn them into free gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Target, or PayPal cash. 

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