Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why You Don’t Need to Go to School to Be Successful

Most people go to high school, college and then finally university. The entire process takes over a decade and it can be a tiresome and gruelling challenge. However, it’s possible for anyone to drop out of that typical educational path and still be successful. Let’s take some of the greatest minds of our generation. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, actually dropped out of college and didn’t finish his studies before going on to start his business. Apple is now an internationally renowned company that has some of the most popular tech products in the world. When you consider the company was founded by a college dropout, it makes you wonder why you should ever both going to school.

School helps, but your passions are more important

School obviously gives you an advantage over others who don’t go to school, but the quality of your education is heavily affected by both your teachers and the students around you. Too many distractions and you probably won’t be able to focus. If you have bad quality teachers and you’re going to study on your own for the most part and there’s really no reason to attend school in the first place. But what drives us to learn from home anyway? Why do we decide that we’ll study at home instead of relaxing in bed? The answer is passion.

If you have a passion for something, then no matter your age, you’re going to follow your dreams and work hard to reach your goals. For instance, if you’re passionate about art and you’re currently working a boring 9 to 5 job, then you probably spend a lot of time dreaming about art, drawing in your notebooks, or perhaps you spend a lot of disposable income on art materials. Having a passion is important, but so is finding the right teacher.

Learning online is the smarter option

If you really want to follow your passions and turn them into money, then online learning is the way to go. Not only does it give you direct access to the courses and subjects you love, but it’s also a cheaper option and can be done in your own time. This means you can continue working or studying your current courses and still have time to learn new skills. For example, Find Your Context is a great place to look at different degree courses, what they entail, and what career options you’ll have at the end of it.

Although online learning is a cheap option, you can also learn from other experts for free. For instance, there are many educational YouTube channels that will teach you everything from science to how to draw, and you can utilise those skills in a number of different ways. You could turn into a freelance artist by studying how to draw with guides and videos, or you could learn to become a writer by reading tips from other authors online.

In short, school enables us to learn, but with the internet being such a varied, informative and expansive platform, we can use our passions to guide us instead of listening to a teacher at our school or university.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Educate Yourself to Success

Education is everything in this day and age. People are measured by how educated they are. It isn’t always fair, some people are more capable than others by nature. Yet, it gives a fair reflection of the work people have put into life. If you properly harness education you can reach the heights you want, ensuring you get to where you want to be in life. If can help in all areas. Your career for one, you could learn more about a hobby, or perhaps learn a language or follow a passion. Education can give you the tools to succeed in many different ways. This article can show you how.

For a start, education can further your chosen career. You may have gone into some kind of job straight after school and now lack the qualifications to progress, or perhaps you need a certain degree to get further in what you do. The options are out there. For example, a nurse could study an RNBSN Online Degree to further their career. There are always options. Sure, you may need to study part time. You will need to go to class after work, something which is tough as you could be quite tired. If you are committed you will see it through. Try asking your supervisor or relative superior what degrees or courses could further your your advancement in your chosen profession. You could even leave your job if you had the savings or someone there to support you. It would mean you could gain the degree or complete the course at a quicker rate and then get into the job you want.

They say the key to happiness is doing what you love for a career. This can become a reality if you get the right education to back yourself up. If you love working with children then getting a teaching degree or postgraduate qualification means you can work with them everyday. Or perhaps you like helping people, in which you can move to social care. Like numbers? Accounting. The options are endless, it just means you have to go back to school.

You would prefer something more passion related. For example if you love writing and want to become a writer, then you could study journalism. Or if you had your heart set on writing a book you could look at studying creative writing. This can fuel a passion would could see you succeed. Want to set up your own business? Consider entrepreneurship courses and degrees. Do you have a flair for a foreign language? Look at learning it. You could then use it to get a job in translation of some kind.

As seen, education can be the route to any kind of success. You just need to free up the time to do so. Getting the time right means you won’t rush your study and get bad grades. Remember, you are paying for it, so find the time beforehand and you can make a real success out of your education.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Is It Time To Buy Your First Family Home?

There tends to come a time in every parent's life when they start thinking about buying a house. Having somewhere for you and your kids to live and call your own is something of a dream for most people. The question is, how do you know when it’s the right time to buy a family home? Well, in this piece, I’ve listed a few little questions you should ask yourself to determine if the time is right:

(Picture source:

Do You Have A Regular & Secure Source Of Income?

Owning a house is a big financial responsibility. As such, you need to have a regular source of income if you wish to do so. You’ve got bills to pay, house taxes, not to mention the costs of things is something goes wrong in your home. When you rent a property, any problems are dealt with by the landlord, so you don’t have to worry about them. But, as a homeowner, all the responsibility is on your shoulders. As such, you and your family need a regular & secure source of income to help handle all the additional costs of owning a home. If you don’t, then now is not the time to buy your first family home. Someone in your family has to find a full-time job that pays well, and then you’re ready for homeownership.

Do You Have A Good Credit Score?

Speak to anyone with an ounce of financial knowledge, and they’ll tell you your credit score is very important in the grand scheme of your life. Especially when you’re thinking about buying a house. Family homes aren’t cheap, and you’ll most likely need to apply for a mortgage to afford one. But, applying for a mortgage is hard if your credit score is underwhelming. Ideally, you want a good credit score that can enable you to borrow as much money as you need. So, work on getting your score in check. If things are really bad, then a credit repair company might come in handy. Otherwise, just focus on good financial behavior such as repaying any debts, paying your bills on time, and being responsible with your credit card use. If you have a bad credit score, then it’s not time to buy your first family home. Instead, it’s time to fix your score, then buy one when your score is good.

Do You Need More Space?

A lot of families are perfectly capable of living in rented apartments as they have no need for lots of space. However, if you have a few children and are in desperate need of more space, then upgrading to a house is definitely a good idea. Renting a house is always worse than renting an apartment as it’s just not worth it. You’re far better off buying and actually owning the property yourself. So, if your answer is yes, you do need more space, then the time is right to buy your first family home.

If you answered ‘yes’ to all the questions, then you’re definitely in a good position to buy your first family home.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#TheKerrieShow Goes to Chicago Day Four: Museum of Science and Industry and Dylan's Candy Bar

Welcome to the pictures of the McLoughlin Family Trip to Chicago 2017! This is the trip where my husband had training all week in Elk Grove Village so the kids and I stayed by the O'Hare airport and took the train downtown daily! Today started with making sure my kids got into the

free LEGO monthly minibuild
, which is always a frantic time since it's hard to get into these days. So after doing that and dropping off my husband, it was time to head to Des Plaines for some Weight Watchers weigh-in and run action.

This is for my mom, who flips out over White After Labor Day. I'm not in love with the white pants but I ALWAYS buy black, so I got red and white this time. White gets dirty easy, as I knew they would, so forget that. I'm over these pants already.

Our station: Rosemont.

Headed to downtown Chicago on the train; it's dark so we are in a tunnel here.

Eva and Mommy.

A cool road sculpture Callie wanted a picture of.
At the bus stop is where we find ourselves again.

This one was a super long bus ride ... all the way down the coast and into Hyde Park to the Museum of Science and Industry.

The view from the museum to across the street.

Love it already ... Legos!

Joel took this panoramic of the museum.

Coming down into the museum, this is what you see.
We always seem to get to the city at lunchtime.

Boys at one table, girls at another. Cooties.

Feelin' cool. 5 Ventra cards (Joel carries his own) and one Marriott room key.

Eva sez this looks neato.

Mommy sez hot dang!

More hot dang.

We hit the Brick by Brick exhibit and spent an hour in there ... could have easily spent longer. This museum is huge and it would take days to go through it all. This is a LEGO Fallingwater.

LEGO Fallingwater

LEGO Golden Gate Bridge

LEGO Golden Gate Bridge and Callie

LEGO One World Trade Center

For real I don't remember what this was. Leave me a comment if you know.

Super cool thing where the kids build something out of blocks and then it shakes every couple of minutes and they see if their structure stands.

LEGO St. Louis arch

LEGO International Space Station. So flipping cool.

Can you lift yourself?

LEGO Pyramids.

LEGO Colosseum.

LEGO roller coaster

LEGO Museum of Science and Industry

LEGO Sleeping Beauty's castle

Building things to race.

Michael was over here for a looong time. It's like a LEGO trough of fun. Unbelievable. 

Then the other kids got in on it. We need this in our house.

I even made something. I think it's a covered bus stop, two-tiered.

My view from the floor, where I had to collapse from tired.

The Rotunda.

This cool wheel of sand that shows how the tides work with the movement of the Earth.

How tornadoes work

One of those cool things like they had in Houston where the pendulum swings and every so often it will knock down a piece of metal ... one every minute maybe?

They were mesmerized. Another thing we need in our house.

Heading up to the second level of JUST this one small section of the museum ... there was so much more we never got to see even though we also went back Friday afternoon.

This cool wind tunnel thing ... 80 mph winds

Scared to be in the wind tunnel.

Bus stop ... heading uptown somehow because Mommy has a bright idea.

My bus baby; still pretty cold in  Chicago.

Comfortable on public transportation. My kids travel well :-)

I love this picture of my big boys. Joel is saying something to make Michael crack up.

My precious pink girls.

I saw these buildings out of the side of the bus and freaked out and had to get a photo. Apartments on top, parking garage on the bottom sections. Round like Capitol Records. What are these called? Marina City Condos ... the price on a 425-square-foot place is as much as my HOUSE. Oh, but that view!

Sammy checks out Chicago. Hey, that would be a good book title!

Our first view of the Chicago River AMAZING! Not green anymore from the St. Patrick's Day parade the Saturday before but still amazing. All I could think of was the scene from My Best Friend's Wedding on the boat! Someday we'll come back in warmer weather and ride the boat.

The TRIBUNE Building, people, Chicago Tribune. Big things happened here!

Can you say Magnificent Mile? Michigan Avenue, peeps!

I heard about this place a million years ago ... Ralph Lauren's daughter owns several of them and I always knew I had to take my kids here. What a neat place! Dylan's Candy Bar!

Oh my.

Vintage section.

I envision myself coming down this white staircase one day in a bubblegum pink 1960s ball gown holding all the different kinds of Dylan's chocolate candy bars!

Callie always goes for the macarons. Just one "O" by the way. Macaroons are the ones with coconut. Again, thank you to Tutu.

Silly Joel, Trix are for kids.

A yard of bubblegum, no joke, and a stuffed Peep for Eva, courtesy of Tutu. I bought a ton of the Dylan's chocolate bars and they are REALLY YUMMY and in all sorts of flavors!

I gave up on trying to figure out the bus and train systems, even with the CTA app, so I just started asking Chicagoans how to get places. A manager at Dylan's told us to head to Nordstrom across the street and then go THROUGH the store to get to the train station because that was the only way to get there.

So we went through the store ... traipsed through the store to get outside on the other side of the row of buildings and to the train station.

Made it back to the hotel with two full bags of candy

Dinner was spaghetti ... no meat sauce for Callie.

Check out Day Three, when we went to Shedd Aquarium!