Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why You Don’t Need to Go to School to Be Successful

Most people go to high school, college and then finally university. The entire process takes over a decade and it can be a tiresome and gruelling challenge. However, it’s possible for anyone to drop out of that typical educational path and still be successful. Let’s take some of the greatest minds of our generation. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, actually dropped out of college and didn’t finish his studies before going on to start his business. Apple is now an internationally renowned company that has some of the most popular tech products in the world. When you consider the company was founded by a college dropout, it makes you wonder why you should ever both going to school.

School helps, but your passions are more important

School obviously gives you an advantage over others who don’t go to school, but the quality of your education is heavily affected by both your teachers and the students around you. Too many distractions and you probably won’t be able to focus. If you have bad quality teachers and you’re going to study on your own for the most part and there’s really no reason to attend school in the first place. But what drives us to learn from home anyway? Why do we decide that we’ll study at home instead of relaxing in bed? The answer is passion.

If you have a passion for something, then no matter your age, you’re going to follow your dreams and work hard to reach your goals. For instance, if you’re passionate about art and you’re currently working a boring 9 to 5 job, then you probably spend a lot of time dreaming about art, drawing in your notebooks, or perhaps you spend a lot of disposable income on art materials. Having a passion is important, but so is finding the right teacher.

Learning online is the smarter option

If you really want to follow your passions and turn them into money, then online learning is the way to go. Not only does it give you direct access to the courses and subjects you love, but it’s also a cheaper option and can be done in your own time. This means you can continue working or studying your current courses and still have time to learn new skills. For example, Find Your Context is a great place to look at different degree courses, what they entail, and what career options you’ll have at the end of it.

Although online learning is a cheap option, you can also learn from other experts for free. For instance, there are many educational YouTube channels that will teach you everything from science to how to draw, and you can utilise those skills in a number of different ways. You could turn into a freelance artist by studying how to draw with guides and videos, or you could learn to become a writer by reading tips from other authors online.

In short, school enables us to learn, but with the internet being such a varied, informative and expansive platform, we can use our passions to guide us instead of listening to a teacher at our school or university.

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