Thursday, February 2, 2017 Review ... A Much Easier Way to Keep Your Memories

Welcome to another edition of Reviews I Should Have Posted Forever Ago. Back here in 2014 I wrote about and how I was going to make a photo book for my family for free to review. I got to make two of them but right now can only find one of them due to packing and not moving issues. The other one is much bigger and I think it's from a trip we took to Branson when I got to review Castle Rock indoor water park, which ROCKED. This one featured is small and already a page has fallen out of it. I also could never figure out how to put captions with any of the pictures but maybe that has changed since 2014.

The little book I made in like 12 seconds just popping in the pictures I wanted from our Eureka Springs vacation.

I couldn't figure out where to type this so I just wrote it once I got it.

Lots of layout options so you can pick the focal point and build around it.

Oh, man, do I remember this day clearly! That water was freezing and they had just let the dam out (is that the right way to say that?). We were there with Aron's identical twin and his kids and it was just a lovely day. Some of them jumped in to freeze. This girl did not.
Bottom line: I recommend this HIGHLY. I used to do Creative Memories albums like a crazy person and it took a lot of time and money. I have a lot of VERY HEAVY albums. At this point in my life I'm thinking making these quick albums would be the better way to go but I am a woman of WORDS so I would need to be able to do a caption under certain photos or at least dedicate an entire page to talking about the story behind the situation, especially since I take copious journal notes of every day of my life. And how did you like that run-on sentence, friends? You're welcome.

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