Thursday, January 5, 2017

Treat Yourself: Items You Should Always Splurge On

In a time where we’re doing everything we can to make our money go a little bit further, it can be tricky to justify spending a little bit more on essential items. It’s something we all need to get over - some items just aren’t worth scrimping on, whether it’s for comfort, safety, or even just aesthetics, there are definitely some items that require a bit more money to get quality. Here are just a few.

Everyday shoes
When you wear shoes all day, every day, comfort has to be at the pinnacle of your decision-making process. There’s no point going cheap and suffering with poor shoes, poor posture, and general discomfort. We shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and style, so spending a bit more money guarantees us both.

Office furniture
People who work desk jobs can spend half their day sat on an uncomfortable desk chair, staring at a computer, slowly getting more and more fidgety and watching their productivity waste away. When you spend so long in the office, it’s important that your desk and chair are at the right height, offer proper support, and allow you to sit comfortably in the correct posture. A bit more money on office furniture keeps uncomfortable conditions like repetitive strain injury, sciatica, and carpal tunnel at bay, which makes it totally worth it.

Your winter coat
This one’s simple; if you want to be warm, cozy, and waterproof, don’t go for a cheap winter coat ... it just isn’t worth the discomfort.

Your guests see them, so they have to look nice, and you have to relax on them, so they have to feel nice. Basically, there’s no point going for cheap sofas. Especially as you’re spending a lot of money, even for ones on the lower end of the spectrum - you may as well fork out a bit more for better quality.

Mattress & pillows
Spending upwards of eight hours in bed every day means we are particularly susceptible to problems caused by bad mattresses and pillows. If you wake up with random aches and pains, a cricked neck, or feeling poorly rested, it could be time for a new mattress and pillows. If you’re in the market, take a look at to find the best current mattresses in your price range, and guarantee yourself a great night’s sleep.

Your toothbrush
Your dental hygiene is so important, and a good quality toothbrush can make all the difference. Cheaper toothbrushes are a bit of a false economy too - they’ll wear out faster, so you might as well spend a bit more.

A good bra
For the sake of your back, your figure, and your own happiness, spend a bit more money on a bra; it’s totally worth it.

A vacation is meant to be a treat, so it’s no fun if you’re watching the pennies the whole time. Save up for a little bit longer, or go to a country with cheaper experiences, but never ever scrimp.

For many things, the cheapest option is usually fine, but for some things, it’s just nice to fork out the money for the best you can.

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