Monday, January 23, 2017

Ditch the City and Go Natural

The diaspora of city dwellers to the natural world is a tantalizing prospect for those who have become tired and altogether disillusioned by the hustle and bustle of city life. To move into a place that is largely uninhabitable, though a great idea, does bring with it a whole host of danger, and precaution must be taken.

For instance, the rigors of mountain living must be considered for anybody planning on moving to one. To go from living in a country such as England that consists of low plains where elevations typically don’t rise about 1000 meters to living on the side of a mountain, you may want to consider a common condition known as altitude sickness that occurs when you climb to a high altitude too quickly. If you suffer from it merely by going there, imagine living there? But if you’re determined not be deterred, tips on how you can go about dealing with and preventing it include: moving around in a slower fashions in order to adapt to the lower oxygen level; climbing gradually; and more extremely the administration of acetazolamide, as and when directed by a professional health giver. Living in a house or cabin on a mountain range requires a lot of precaution and work too. Mountains are made mostly out of rock, and rock is prone to fall; rockfall protection should be sought before even moving into your dream mountain getaway, of which more information can be found here. Finally, the snow. Dependent on where you are, of course, each winter brings with it a healthy dosage of the snow. In England, it’s considered a disaster when only two feet’s worth of it fall, so imagine having to deal with 264 feet that needs to be moved out of the way and is constantly being repositioned by the wind? The rigors of dealing with mountain snowfall require a high level of fitness and muscles mass, which could make it especially difficult for those of an older generation.

But living in the snowy utopia of a mountain side is not all doom and gloom and is in fact is sought out especially by some. Ski fanatics Fransesca and Steve quit their day jobs and moved to the slopes from London, even taking their baby girl Annabelle with them, in order to set up their own business Chalet Roches. This was brought about by their shared passion of skiing, cycling and hiking, so the French village of St-Gervais in Haute Savoie in the French Alps.


So what’s stopping you from your very own natural diaspora? Yes, there are risks when you step into areas such as mountains or going to live in a waterfront property, because natural disasters can and will happen at any time. But there are dangers to living just about anywhere. What with the possibility of crime and adverse weather conditions, any property, any where, could be the subject of misfortune.

But if upping sticks completely in order to become at one with nature seems too far of a step, maybe try a camping vacation and just plant your poles there, for now. Baby steps.

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