Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Budget Nights Out: How to Have a Great Time Without Breaking the Bank

We all love a good night out. We love to spend time with friends and family, we love to attend parties, and we enjoy meeting new people to socialise with. It’s part of our human nature to engage with others, so it’s understandable that we spend a lot of money each week on nights out to buy alcohol, food, and even gifts.

However, it's a cost that can add up and make huge dents in our weekly budget. Drinks cost incredible amounts of money at fancy bars (or even your local pub) and the food is even more expensive. Add in the cost of entry fees or taxi fares, and you’ve got a weekly expense that’ll leave your wallet crying. Instead of splashing out all the time, take a look at these money-saving tips to help you get the most out of your money.

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Set a Cash Limit

Instead of carrying your card with you, carry cash. When we carry around our credit or debit cards, it’s easy to lose count of how much we’re actually spending and we could easily go overboard. With cash, you have a set limit and you can’t go beyond that. Just keep in mind to save money for the journey home—you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of the city!

Split Taxi Fares or Designate a Driver

Getting to and from the venue can be expensive. The best way to avoid extortionate taxi fares is to drive there yourself or split the cost with your friends. However, just keep in mind that you should never be drinking and driving.

If you designate a driver, then make sure they don’t touch a single drop of alcohol before they drive. If you plan to stay at the venue for a long time, then the driver can have a few drinks—just make sure to let the alcohol’s effects fade before leaving. There are excellent DWI resolutions available if you ever get caught with driving with high blood alcohol content, but it’s best to make sure it never happens in the first place.

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Have a Few Drinks Before Going Out

The most cost effective way of getting into the mood is to have a couple of drinks before you head out. The idea is that you won’t need to buy as many drinks to get tipsy (or drunk) when you’re our. Buying alcohol from a supermarket is far cheaper than the expensive venues that charge ridiculous prices You’ll be making huge savings by having a couple of pre-drinks. Just make sure you aren’t completely wasted before heading out—you might as well stay home at that point!

Stay At Home Instead

Speaking of staying home, how about not heading out at all? You could have an excellent night in with friends and family, some takeaway pizzas, and a movie or some video games. You won’t meet anyone new (unless you throw a party instead!) but you’re going to get the same fun as heading out to an expensive bar. You’ll save loads of money by providing your own entertainment, and you can buy lots of drinks at the supermarket for the same price of a cocktail in a club.

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