Thursday, December 22, 2016

Are You Ready For Marriage? Things You Should Consider

Getting married and living a life together should be far simpler than it seems to be. You meet someone, you date and enjoy one another's company, and you fall in love. You build a life together, one of you pops the question and then BAM you get married, have kids and live happily ever after. But, these days there are other factors to consider and sometimes a marriage is far different from a wedding and just enjoying the big day. Marriage is about longevity and commitment, like the marital vows state, for better or for worse and through sickness and in health. Are you ready for marriage? I thought I would share with you some things to consider before answering that question.


Have you met the one?

I don’t think anyone intends to get married for it to end in divorce, but we can sometimes have our judgment clouded when it comes to making this decision. But I think most people would agree that when you have found that one person, your soulmate, you just know it’s for real. No one can explain the feeling, you may have thought you have felt it before, but when it’s true you are 100% sure that you have met the one. For now, it’s just a guessing game, but the question to ask yourself if you are wondering whether this is it, what does your heart tell you?

Things to discuss before making that commitment

These days it’s much more than just listening to your heart, though, there are important conversations that need to be had to ensure you are both on the same page. You need to discuss the future and whether you have the same family plans? Whether your parenting aspirations are the same and how things might differ in the future. You need to discuss your finances and be honest if you have had financial trouble in the past or owe any debt. Perhaps you know what buttons not to press in the middle of an argument, or when you need to be waving the white flag to make peace.


Getting engaged, elaborate or simple?

Now comes the crunch question, getting engaged. Do you expect an occasion filled with romance and elegance? Or do you prefer a simple question and surroundings? Perhaps you want tradition and your partner to seek your hand in marriage once permission has been granted from parents. Even getting down on one knee and presenting a ring. Discuss this, and even look at options from yellow gold engagement rings to potential engagement locations. Do you want to capture the moment, or save it as a private memory? Or do you just want to leave this up to your partner or take matters into your own hands? We can’t sit through life waiting for things to happen.

Getting engaged doesn’t mean a wedding is imminent

Let’s be honest, marriage isn’t about the wedding. Of course, it’s a lovely way to celebrate your commitment to one another, but it isn’t the be all and end all. Marriage is about commitment to your future together, and many years of being a partnership. If you are ready for forever with this person, then maybe you are ready for marriage.

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